Round 7 Top Tables Update

October 20th, 2018

The action continues here in the final two rounds of Day 1 at YCS Niagara!  And after a convergence of Decks last round that appeared to reflect a surge in performance for Sky Strikers, the split at the Top 10 tables is once again a wide open field amongst 6-0 and 5-1 Duelists.


Here’s a look at which decks – and which Duelists – were sitting in the most coveted seats in Round 7.


Table: 1

Dakota Angeloff with Dark Goukis


Carlos Campoverde with Sky Strikers


Table: 2

Christopher Barwicki with Altergeists


John Wilkin with Sky Striker Goukis


Table: 3           

Maximillian Reynolds with Dark World Danger!


Aza Deihim with Sky Strikers


Table: 4

Kassim Hakim with Sky Strikers


Sena Katagiri with Sky Strikers


Table: 5

Usama Ikram with Sekka’s Burning Abyss


Rohan Thomas with Pendulum Magicians


Table: 6

Yang Wu with Paleozoic Frogs


Arvind Rajabhathor with Dark Goukis


Table: 7

Hisam Jawhari with Dark Goukis


Agostino Bordignon with Kaiju Burning Abyss


Table: 8

Jeramie Hildreth with Altergeists


Bryant Tran with Mekk-Knight Trickstars


Table: 9

Michael Wisniewski with Paleozoic Frogs


Adrian Gonzalez with Altergeists


Table: 10

Carl Manigat with Thunder Dragons


James Kim Danger! Dark Goukis


Goukis actually overtook Sky Strikers this Round, as Sky Strikers lost seven seats and Goukis gained two. The big surprise of the Round is the status of Thunder Dragons, which continues to crush opponents in Feature Matches but currently has only one spot in the Top 10.  That said, remember that the VIP Tables aren’t rolled into the regular tournament space until next Round.  At least one Thunder Dragon Duelist is currently undefeated.


Burning Abyss and Paleozoic Frogs are both hanging in, while Thunder Dragons, Dark World Danger, Pendulum Magicians, and Mekk-Knight Trickstars have one seat apiece.


5 Goukis

4 Sky Strikers

3 Altergeists

2 Burning Abyss

2 Paleozoic Frogs

1 Thunder Dragons

1 Dark World Danger

1 Pendulum Magicians

1 Mekk-Knight Trickstars


With the way these numbers shift Round to Round it’s tough to many any major calls about Day 2 just yet, but we’ve got one more Top Tables Update to finish out Day 1, and that’ll be coming to you any minute.