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Round 8 Top Tables Update: One Last Look

October 20th, 2018

The final Round of competition in Day 1 is upon us! Here’s what the lay of the land looks like at the Top 10 tables in Round 8.


Table: 1

Ryan Levine with Thunder Dragons


John Wilkin with Sky Striker Goukis


Table: 2

Dakota Angeloff with Dark Goukis


Kassim Hakim with Sky Strikers


Table: 3           

Quoc-Thuan Chau with Altergeists


Michael Walters with Kaiju Sky Strikers


Table: 4

Hisam Jawhari with Dark Goukis


Evan Yang with Sky Strikers


Table: 5

Carlos Campoverde with Sky Strikers


James Kim with Dark Goukis


Table: 6

Gaetan Georges with Thunder Dragons


Nigel Lamb with Sky Strikers


Table: 7

Dirk Wagner with Dark World Danger!


Jacob Silverman with Sky Strikers


Table: 8

Bryant Tran with Mekk-Knight Trickstars


Partho Bhattacharya with Sekka’s Burning Abyss


Table: 9           

Esala Wathuthantrige with Thunder Dragons


Jorge Sosa Sekka’s Burning Abyss


Table: 10

Maximillian Reynolds with Dark World Danger!


Arvind Rajabhathor with Dark Goukis


Sky Strikers and Goukis have settled to the top of the stack, at least as far as sheer representation is measured at the Top Tables.  From there Thunder Dragons recovered, and the rest of the Top 20 seats were occupied by Niagara’s mish-mash of Burning Abyss, Dark World Danger FTK Decks, Altergeists, and Mekk-Knight Trickstars as follows.


6 Sky Strikers

5 Goukis

3 Thunder Dragons

2 Burning Abyss

2 Dark World Danger!

1 Altergeists

1 Mekk-Knight Trickstars


We still have two more Rounds of Swiss competition tomorrow before the cut to Top 32.  We started this weekend with over 750 Duelists, but the field is being whittled down and by this time tomorrow we’ll have a brand new YCS winner, and a brand new competitive landscape moving forward.


Join us tomorrow, for Day 2 of YCS Niagara.