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Top 16 Feature Match: Chandler Scott versus Shawn Rai

October 21st, 2018

Coming into the weekend there were two strong theories about Thunder Dragons: first, that they beat Sky Strikers and Trickstars. Second, that they lose to Altergeists.  The ratio of Thunder Dragons to Sky Strikers left in the tournament at this point sort of tells the tale of that match-up.  But we’ve yet to see Thunder Dragons take on Altergeists in a Feature Match this weekend.


We now have that opportunity here in the Top 16 where Shawn Rai is playing Thunder Dragons against Chandler Scott’s Altergeists. This should be informative.


Scott started the Match with a hand of Metaverse; Altergeist Multifaker; Secret Village of theSpellcasters; Altergeist Silquitous; and Altergeist Meluseek.  He opened with Silquitous, activated Secret Village, and Set Metaverse.


Rai fired back with Thunder Dragonmatrix, Normal Summoning it and Link Summoning Linkuriboh.  He searched his deck for another Dragonmatrix, pitched Thunder Dragonhawk for its effect, and Scott responded with Metaverse, getting another Secret Village from his Deck.  Upon resolution he Special Summoned Altergeist Multifaker from his hand and Special Summoned Altergeist Meluseek from his Deck, both in defense mode.


Rai combined Linkuribohand Thunder Dragonmatrix to Link Summon Knightmare Phoenix, used its effect discarding Infinite Impermanence to destroy Secret Village of the Spellcasters, and activated Thunder Dragonroar’s ability from his hand to get back his Hawk.  Rai attacked Silquitous with Knightmare Phoenix, and Scott used Silquitous to bounce Multifaker and Phoenix. That left Rai to Set two cards to his backrow and end.


Scott drew Infinite Impermanence.  He Link Summoned Altergeist Hexstia, triggering his Meluseek’s effect to search his Deck for Altergeist Marionetter.  He Normal Summoned it, used its effect, and Rai flipped an Infinite Impermanence of his own.  Scott shut it down, Tributing Marionetter to negate the Impermanence.  Scott searched his Deck for Altergeist Protocol and Set it, then made a direct attack for 1500 Battle Damage.  In Main Phase 2 he Set his own Infinite Impermanence and activated his second Secret Village of the Spellcasters.


Rai pitched Thunder Dragonhawk again, Scott had no response, and Rai Special Summoned Dragonroar in defense mode.  He Normal Summoned Dragonmatrix next, and Scott activated Altergeist Protocol, dropping his Multifaker to the field and Special Summoning AltergeistSilquitous.  Rai Special Summoned Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju!  He Tributed off his opponent’s Altergeist Silquitousto stick Scott with it, then Link Summoned Some SummerSummoner.  He activated the effects of his Thunder Dragonmatrix and Thunder Dragonroar, with Dragonroar Chain Link 1 and Dragonmatrix Chain Link 2, searched another Dragonmatrix, and Special Summoned Thunder Dragondark.


Rai Tributed Thunder Dragondark for Thunder Dragon Colossus, used Dragondark’s effect to search Thunder Dragonduo.  He banished Thunder Dragonmatrix and Linkuriboh to Special Summon it, Tributed Some Summer Summoner for another Colossus, then moved to his Battle Phase.  He attacked Multifaker with Colossus, destroying it; attacked Hexstia with Dragonduo, destroying that as well; and used Dragonduo’s effect to banish his Impermanence from his Graveyard and search his Deck for Thunder Dragon.


He moved to Main Phase 2 and banished Dragonmatrix and Colossus to Special SummonThunder Dragon Titan.  He pitched Thunder Dragon for its effect, chained Titan’s ability, and Scott chained Infinite Impermanence from the field!  Scott got a Thunder Dragon from his Deck but didn’t get to destroy the Kaiju he gave Scott earlier in the turn.  He activated Thunder Dragon Fusion next, but he placed it in the zone where Scott had activated InfiniteImpermanence! The Fusion’s effect was negated.  That could prove to be disastrous.


Scott drew Called by the Grave and Normal SummonedAltergeist Meluseek.  He entered battle, attacked directly with Meluseek for 500 Battle Damage and used Meluseek’s effect to send Colossus to the Graveyard.  Scott then attacked Titan with Thunder King, theLightningstrike Kaiju, destroying it (Titan only protects itself from destruction by card effects, not battle).  Scott Set Call and ended, suddenly back in the driver’s seat.


Rai drew to two cards in hand, still controlling Thunder Dragonduo.  He activated Thunder Dragon Fusion’s effect by banishing it to search his Deck for Thunder Dragonhawk, attacked Meluseek with Dragonduo, destroyed it, and Scott took 2300 Battle Damage to drop to 4500 Life Points.  Both monsters’ effects activated: Scott used Meluseek to search Altergeist Marionetter, and Rai banished Dragonroar from his Graveyard to get Batteryman Solar.  Rai used Dragonroar’s effect to Special Summon Thunder Dragondark, Normal Summoned Solar, then used it and Dragondark to Link Summon LANphorhynchus.  Dragondark’s effect activated, and Scott chained Called by the Grave to banish it and negate its ability.


Rai pressed on, pitching Thunder Dragonhawk for its effect and Special Summoning his banished Dragonroar.  He Tributed it to Special Summon Thunder Dragon Colossus, Link Summoned Knightmare Unicorn, and pitched Thunder Dragon for Unicorn’s effect, targeting Scott’s Altergeist Protocol.  It was returned to his Deck.  Rai Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.


Scott drew Altergeist Kunquery, Normal Summoned Altergeist Marionetter and Rai responded with Infinite Impermanence.  Scott attacked to destroy Knightmare Unicorn with Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju, Rai dropped to 4800 LP, and Scott ended.


“So I can’t activate Spells, right?”


“No Spells,” confirmed Scott.


Rai attacked Marionetter with Colossus, Scott repelled it with Altergeist Kunquery, and he Special Summoned it.


Scott drew Personal Spoofing for his turn, activated Marionetter’s effect targeting itself and his used Altergeist Silquitous, reviving Silquitous in defense mode.  He used Silquitous’ effect to bounce Kunquery, clearing Colossus!  That let him make a direct attack with Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju, Scott Set a backrow, and Rai scooped after seeing his next draw!



Chandler Scott takes the first win of the Match, as Altergeists beat Thunder Dragons!  Rai did a great job of wrestling himself out from under Secret Village of the Spellcasters on multiple occasions, and even had the Kaiju, but that mistake with Thunder Dragon Fusion in the Impermanence column cost him, and Scott was unrelenting in punishing him for it.  One more win like that and Scott would be headed to the Top 8.


Rai opened the second Duel with one Set card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.


“Interesting.”  Scott had Personal Spoofing; Altergeist Multifaker; Altergeist Meluseek; and three copies of Evenly Matched! He Normal Summoned Meluseek and attacked, using its effect to send Rai’s face-down Thunder Dragon Fusion to the Graveyard.  In Main Phase 2 Scott Link Summoned Linkuriboh, using Meluseek’s ablity to search his Deck for another AltergeistMultifaker.  He Set Evenly Matched to finish.

Rai Special Summoned Dinowrestler Pankratops. He activated Instant Fusion to Special Summon Kaminari Attack, banished that and Thunder Dragondark from his hand to Special Summon Thunder Dragon Titan, then searched his Deck for Thunder Dragonhawk.  He activated its effect, chaining Thunder DragonTitan’s effect, and destroyed Scott’s Set Evenly Matched. “Hurts,” said Scott.


Rai Special Summoned Thunder Dragondark with Dragonhawk’s effect, activated ThunderDragonroar’s effect from his hand, chained Titan again to destroy Linkuriboh, got back his Thunder Dragon Fusion, and Scott conceded, eager to get to the third Duel.  Seven minutes remained in the Round.



Chandler Scott draws triple Evenly Matched and Shawn Rai puts Thunder Dragon Titan to work, clearing the field and taking a commanding win in Game 2!  This one would come down to a third and final Duel, as time ticked down in the Round.


Scott opened with a hand of Metaverse; Inspector Boarder; Altergeist Protocol; SolemnStrike; and Altergeist Manifestation. He Summoned Boarder, Set everything but Manifestation and ended.


Rai activated Infinite Impermanence from his hand, Summoned Batteryman Solar, and Scott negated its effect to destroy it with Solemn Strike.  That left Rai to Set one card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.


Scott ripped Pot of Desires!  He banished ten cards to draw two more:Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring and Secret Village of the Spellcasters.  He made a direct attack to knock Rai down to 6000 Life Points, then Set Manifestation.

Rai activated Twin Twisters, discarding Thunder Dragonduo to target Metaverse and Altergeist Protocol.  Scott Chained Metaverse, got another Secret Village, and lost his Protocol.  Rai banished to Special Summon Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, attacked to destroy Boarder and deal 1000 Battle Damage, then swung for another 3000.  Scott was down to 2500 Life Points.  Main Phase 2 Rai activated the effect of Thunder Dragonroar to retrieve his Thunder Dragonduo.


Scott drew a second Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.  Time was ticking.  He passed, and Rai swung for game next turn!

Shawn Rai comes back from a loss in the first Duel to take two wins back-to-back, as Chandler Scott struggles under the weight of some vicious brick hands!  Rai made one mistake in Game 1 and didn’t appear to slip ever again, and for his efforts he punches his ticket to the Top 8.


Thunder Dragons continue on.