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Top 32 Feature Match: Jake Quinsee versus Chuong Nguyen

October 21st, 2018

England’s Jake Quinsee and Michigan’s Chuong Nguyen both made it into the Top 32 with completely different strategies. Quinsee is one of Europe’s strongest Duelists, and now he’s taking his talents to Canada to show off his Thunder Dragon Deck in the Top 32 of YCS Niagara Falls! Quinsee’s opponent, Chuong Nguyen, is using a Danger! SPYRAL Deck! Only one of these Duelists can advance to the Top 16 of YCS Niagara Falls. We’re about to find out who it’ll be.


It’s time to Duel!

Duel One

Nguyen activated SPYRAL Resort and used its effect to add SPYRAL Quik-Fix to his hand. He activated Foolish Burial to send SPYRAL GEAR – Drone to his Graveyard and then Summoned Quik-Fix. He used SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red to Special Summon Drone from his Graveyard, and after using Drone’s effect, Link Summoned Double Helix! He used its effect declaring “monster”, and then Special Summoned SPYRAL Master Plan from his Deck after revealing a monster on top of Quinsee’s Deck. He used her effect, then Link Summoned Knightmare Unicorn. He used the Unicorn’s effect by discarding SPYRAL MISSION – Rescue, and then banished the Rescue to Special Summon Master Plan back to the field. After a flurry of Link Summons and other Special Summons, Nguyen controlled Decode Talker, Linkuriboh, and SPYRAL Sleeper with SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort equipped to his Sleeper, while Quinsee controlled Knightmare Corruptor Iblee.



Quinsee opened up with Thunder Dragonmatrix, Thunder DragonhawkBatteryman Solar, Thunder Dragonroar, and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning. He drew Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion and then Normal Summoned Batteryman Solar. He activated its effect to send Thunder Dragondark from his Deck to his Graveyard. Nguyen used Sleeper’s effect to destroy the Solar and then Quinsee switched Iblee into Attack Position. He attacked Linkuriboh with Iblee, destroying the Iblee in the battle, and then discarded Thunder Dragonhawk from his Graveyard in Main Phase 2 to activate its effect and Special Summon Thunder Dragondark. He then Tributed Dragondark Special Summon Thunder Dragon Colossus, and when he used the effect of Thunder Dragondark, Nguyen sent Ash Blossom & Joyous Springfrom his hand to his Graveyard to negate it. Quinsee banished the Colossus from his field and a Thunder Dragonroar from his hand to Special Summon Thunder Dragon Titan and then used the effect of his Thunder Dragonroar to Special Summon Thunder Dragonmatrix from his Deck. He Tributed the Dragonmatrix to Special Summon Thunder Dragon Colossus Linked to Decode Talker and then used his Dragonmatrix’s effect to add another Dragonmatrix from his Deck to his hand.



Nguyen attempted to Special Summon SPYRAL Super Agent from his hand by declaring “monster”, but Quinsee revealed Instant Fusion – a Spell Card – from the top of his Deck. He Normal Summoned it instead, and then activated SPYRAL MISSION – Assault. He discarded Terraforming to try to Special Summon Quik-Fix and Quinsee sent Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion from his hand to the Graveyard to stop it. Nguyen attacked Colossus with Decode Talker, and Quinsee used Colossus’s effect to banish Thunder Dragondark from his Graveyard and protect the Colossus. He used Dragondark’s effect to add Thunder Dragonroar to his hand. Next, Nguyen used his Sleeper’s effect to try to destroy Colossus and Titan, and Quinsee banished 2 more cards from his Graveyard to protect them. One of those cards was Dragonhawk, and Quinsee used its effect to shuffle 1 card from his hand back into his Deck and draw a card. Sleeper attacked Colossus next, and Quinsee banished the last card in his Graveyard – Dragonmatrix – to protect his Colossus. Quinsee added another Dragonmatrix from his Deck to his hand with the effect of his banished Dragonmatrix. Nguyen had SPYRAL Resort on his field, and shuffled a SPYRAL monster into his Deck to keep it in the End Phase.

Quinsee activated Allure of Darkness to draw 2 cards and banish Dragonroar from his hand. He activated its effect, Sleeper’s effect was Chained, and Quinsee Chained Dragonmatrix’s effect from his hand. He destroyed SPYRAL Resort with Titan, protected his Colossus by banishing a Dragonmatrix from his Graveyard, and allowed his Titan to be destroyed. Quinsee Special Summoned Dragonroar from his Deck and then activated Instant Fusion to Special Summon Thousand-Eyes Restrict. He used its effect to try to equip it with Linkuriboh, and Nguyen Tributed Linkuriboh with Decode Talker to stop it and destroy Thousand-Eyes. Next, Quinsee Tributed Dragondark to Summon Colossus. He then Special Summoned Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair from his hand with its effect. He banished the Colossus from his Extra Monster Zone and banished a Dragonmatrix to Special Summon Thunder Dragon Titan from his Extra Deck and then entered his Battle Phase. Colossus attacked Decode Talker, destroying Quinsee’s own Colossus, and then Diabolos attacked and destroyed Decode Talker. Titan attacked and destroyed Super Agent next, dropping Nguyen down to 6500 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, Quinsee discarded Thunder Dragon from his hand to add another copy to his hand. He used Titan’s effect to destroy the card in Nguyen’s back row, then used Thunder Dragon’s effect and Titan’s effect once more. He Special Summoned Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning next, and used its effect to banish SPYRAL – Sleeper from the Duel.

Nguyen drew a card and then Normal Summoned SPYRAL Tough. He used its effect to try to destroy Black Luster Soldier by guessing that the top card of Quinsee’s Deck was a monster; but Quinsee revealed a Spell Card – Monster Reborn– from the top of his Deck instead! Nguyen immediately conceded!



Chuong Nguyen gets a strong start in Duel 1, but it’s not enough to defeat Quinsee and his Thunder Dragons!


Duel Two

Nguyen started off Duel 2 by activating Terraformingto add SPYRAL Resortto his hand.



He activated it and used its effect to add SPYRAL Gear – Drone to his hand. He Summoned it and used its effect to rearrange the top 3 cards of Quinsee’s Deck. Next, he Special Summoned Super Agent and combined his 2 monsters to Link Summon SPYRAL Double Helix. He activated its effect, but Quinsee activated the effect of his PSY-Framegear Gamma in his hand! He Special Summoned it along with a Driver from his Deck to negate the effect of Double Helix and destroy Double Helix. Both PSY-Frame monsters were banished in the End Phase. Nguyen sent a Drone from his Graveyard to his Deck in the End Phase to keep his Resort on the field.

Quinsee drew a card and then had Thunder Dragon Fusion, PSY-Framegear Gamma, Monster Reborn, Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, and Thunder Dragondark in his hand. He discarded Dragondark to add another copy from his Deck to his hand and then activated Monster Reborn to Special Summon the Thunder Dragondark. He Tributed it to Special Summon Thunder Dragon Colossus and then attacked directly, dropping Nguyen down to 5400 Life Points. Quinsee Set Thunder Dragon Fusion before passing.

Nguyen used Foolish Burial Goods to send SPYRAL MISSION – Rescue to his Graveyard and banished it to Special Summon Double Helix from his Graveyard. He used Double Helix’s effect and correctly guessed that a monster was on top of Quinsee’s Deck. He Special Summoned SPYRAL Tough with his Double Helix’s effect and then used SPYRAL Tough’s effect to destroy Quinsee’s face-down Thunder Dragon Fusion. Next, he Link Summoned Knightmare Unicorn and discarded Danger!? Jackalope? to return Colossus to the Extra Deck. He used Jackalope’s effect to Special Summon Danger! Nessie! from his Deck. He Summoned Quik-Fix and added Big Red to his hand. He activated Big Red to Special Summon Double Helix from his Graveyard and then attacked Quinsee directly with Double Helix, Unicorn, and Quik-Fix, dropping Quinsee down to 3400 Life Points. He Link Summoned Firewall Dragon in Main Phase 2, and then Link Summoned Linkuriboh. He Set a card to his back row and then shuffled a Jackalope from his Graveyard back into his Deck with Resort in the End Phase.

Quinsee drew Thunder Dragon and activated it to add one more Thunder Dragon from his Deck to his hand. He banished Thunder Dragon Fusion from his Graveyard to try to get a Thunder Dragon card from his Deck, but lost out to Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Next, Quinsee banished Thunder Dragondark and Thunder Dragon from his Graveyard to Special Summon Black Luster Soldier! He used the effect of Dragondark and then Nguyen used Firewall’s effect to return 2 monsters from his Graveyard to his hand. Quinsee discarded Dragonhawk from his hand next to activate its effect, but Nguyen Chained Called by the Grave to banish the Dragonhawk and stop its effect. Quinsee attacked with Black Luster Soldier, but when Nguyen Tributed his Linkuriboh, Quinsee conceded!

The Duelists immediately dipped into their Side Decks with only 9 minutes left in the round!


Duel Three

Quinsee started off Duel 3 by discarding Thunder Dragondark from his hand to activate its effect and add another copy from his Deck to his hand.



Next, he discarded Thunder Dragon to use its effect and grab another Thunder Dragon. He Summoned Dragonmatrix next, and Tributed it to Summon Colossus. Then he added a Dragonmatrix from his Deck to his hand with the Tributed Dragomatrix’s effect and ended his turn.

Nguyen Tributed Quinsee’s Colossus to Summon Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju to Quinsee’s field and then Special Summoned Super Agent from his hand. He Special Summoned his own Kumongous next, and Link Summoned Knightmare Cerberus. He used its effect to destroy Kumongous and then Link Summoned Knightmare Mermaid. He activated its effect, and after a series of lightning-fast plays, built a field of Decode Talker and a back row card, with an Iblee on Quinsee’s field. He sent a monster from his Graveyard back into his Deck in the End Phase to keep a SPYRAL Resort on his field.

Quinsee discarded a Thunder Dragon to get the last copy from his Deck and then Tributed Iblee to SummonThunder Dragon. He discarded Dragonhawk to Special Summon Dragondark and then Tributed Dragondark to Special Summon Colossus. He added Dragonroar to his hand with the effect of Dragondark and then banished Dragonroar from his hand and Colossus from his field to Special Summon Titan. He Special Summoned Dragonhawk from his Deck with the effect of Dragonroar, and after a couple of quick moves, attacked directly with his monsters. He Link Summoned Some Summer Summoner next, and time in the round was called! Quinsee was up 8000 Life Points to 5000 Life Points, winning the Duel in overtime!

Jake Quinsee is moving on to the Top 16 with his Thunder Dragons!