YCS Pasadena Charity Event

November 18th, 2018

At YCS Pasadena, Duelists can compete in a Charity Event for Tournament Packs and a possible chance to defeat a Bounty Duelist from Konami. All it takes to enter is donating a toy for kids in need this holiday season (sealed unwrapped toy valued at least $25.00 MSRP). For your donation you’ll receive 4 Tournament Packs as participation prizing. Duelists will compete in 4 Swiss Rounds using Advanced Constructed Format. Prizes are Tournament Packs and the amount you get is based on your win/loss record. Toy Donations will be picked up by the Pasadena Jaycees after the event. http://pasadenajaycees.org/what-we-do/community-service/operation-santa/

YCS Pasadena Charity Tournament

We have a very special Public Event at YCS Pasadena. We’re working with the Pasadena Jaycees to give toys to kids in need this holiday season. Duelists entering this event can win Astral Packs, and have a chance to Duel against bounty Duelists from Konami for extra packs! We have four Duelists from the Konami office here in the United States, as well as special guest Sho Hirai from Konami in Japan! He played a big role in designing the new Thunder Dragon and Danger! themes, and is even piloting Thunder Dragons in the tournament today!

To enter, you can donate a toy or make a monetary donation, and the Pasadena Jaycees will distribute gifts for the holidays! Read more about the project here: http://pasadenajaycees.org/what-we-do/community-service/operation-santa/