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YCS Pasadena: Top 32 Deck Breakdown

November 18th, 2018

Here are the remaining Duelists and the breakdown of the Decks in the Top 32.

The DARK Warrior strategy is the most popular, with nine total variants. Most are using Danger!, but two are playing a version without. Pure Sky Strikers are next, with eight representatives. Gouki Decks have six players, split evenly with the standard and DARK focused variants.  After that there are two each of Thunder Dragons, Cyber Dragons, and Trickstars (one each of pure and Sky Striker versions). And to finish things out, there’s one Danger! Dark World player, one Penulum Duelist, and one Altergeist player who finished undefeated! Here’s the full list:

Rank Player Deck Points
1 Hunter Francis Lloyd Altergeist 33
2 Aaron Chase Furman DARK Warrior 30
3 Alexander Singh Juneja Sky Striker 30
4 Matthew Jesse McRae Gouki 30
5 Esteban Vences Brito Sky Striker 29
6 Jeffrey Michael Alexander Jones Sky Striker 28
7 Aldo Andre Garcia Ruiz Gouki 28
8 Kevin Kennith Bortle Jr. Trickstar 28
9 Shunping Xu Sky Striker 28
10 Roman Kieser DARK Warrior 28
11 Kai Samson Koester Danger! DARK Warrior 28
12 Cesar Alcaraz Jr. Danger! DARK Warrior 27
13 Abraham Donald King Thunder Dragon 27
14 Zachary William Bishop Stone Danger! DARK Warrior 27
15 Danny Alejandro Linares-Alarcon Sky Striker 27
16 Brian Joseph Ramirez Cyber Dragon 27
17 Darren James Stephenson Danger! DARK Warrior 27
18 Simon Yu Xiang He Sky Striker 27
19 Cameron Taylor Neal DARK Gouki 27
20 Adrian Koch DARK Gouki 27
21 Brian Chen Pendulum 27
22 Jake Paul Quinsee Danger! DARK Warrior 27
23 Dominic Eduardo Couch Gouki 27
24 Isaiah Kirk Joseph Sky Striker Trickstar 27
25 Dakota Clint Angeloff Danger! Dark World 27
26 Manav Dawar Sky Striker 27
27 Caulin David Bradshaw DARK Gouki 27
28 Thanh Cong Nguyen Danger! DARK Warrior 27
29 Harold Gonzales Rillo Cyber Dragon 27
30 Aram Azael Arriaran Rodriguez Sky Striker 27
31 Jiahung Wu Danger! DARK Warrior 27
32 Blair Alexander Hunter Thunder Dragon 27