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YCS Pasadena Top Tables Update: Round 6

November 17th, 2018

Check out the top Duelists and Decks in Round 6 of YCS Pasadena!

Table 1: Dirk Wagner (Danger! Dark World) vs. Brian Ramirez (Cyber Dragon)
Table 2: Nicholas Mapes (Danger! Gouki) vs. Niya Carter (Zombies)
Table 3: Michael Kerr (Dinosaur) vs. Adrian Koch (Gouki)
Table 4: Beau Johns (Sky Striker) vs. Marvin Enamorado (Thunder Dragons)
Table 5: Dominic Couch (Gouki) vs. Darren Stephenson (Gouki)
Table 6: Jayming Moua (Thunder Dragons) vs. Isaiah Joseph (Trickstar)
Table 7: Kenneth Kuo (Gouki) vs. Abraham King (Thunder Dragons)
Table 8: Denis Nadas (Danger! Gouki) vs. David Erpen (DARK Warrior)
Table 9: Zachary Olguin (Sky Striker) vs. Hunter Lloyd (Altergeist)
Table 10: Dale Carter (Thunder Dragons) vs. Jonathan Castro Arzate (Gouki)

That’s a total of 7 Gouki variants, 4 Thunder Dragon Decks, 2 Sky Striker Decks, a Cyber Dragon Deck, a Zombie Deck, a Dinosaur Deck, a Trickstar Deck, a DARK Warrior Deck, a Danger! Dark World Deck, and an Altergeist Deck at the top 10 tables in Round 6! Follow the coverage to see which Decks continue to prevail in the tournament!