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YCS Pasadena: Top Tables Update Round 8

November 17th, 2018

Take a look at which Duelists and Decks are at the top 10 tables in Round 8 of YCS Pasadena!

Table 1: Brian Ramirez (Cyber Dragon) vs. Adrian Koch (Gouki)
Table 2: Abraham King (Thunder Dragon) vs. Marvin Enamorado Maldonado (Thunder Dragon)
Table 3: Yosef Negussie (Gouki) vs. Esteban Vences Brito (Sky Striker)
Table 4: Kevin Bortle (Trickstar Artifact) vs. Kai Koester (DARK Warrior)
Table 5: Evan Melendez (Sky Striker) vs. Joshua Schmidt (Gouki)
Table 6: Alexander Juneja (Sky Striker) vs. Lucas Windel (Danger! Gouki)
Table 7: Jose Uriostigue Vazquez (Sky Striker) vs. Gerardo Felix (Thunder Dragon)
Table 8: Brian Chen (Pendulum) vs. Cameron Jackson (Dinosaurs)
Table 9: Jesus Fraire (DARK Warrior) vs. Joshua Solano (Sky Striker)
Table 10: German Duran (DARK Gouki) vs. Isaiah Joseph (Trickstar Sky Striker)

There are 6 Sky Striker Decks (including 1 with Trickstar cards), 5 Gouki variants, 3 Thunder Dragon Decks, 2 DARK Warrior Decks, and 4 other completely different Decks currently at the top 10 tables! Those 4 other Decks represented at the top 10 tables are a Trickstar Artifact Deck, a Pendulum-based Deck, a Dinosaur Deck, and most impressively, an undefeated Cyber Dragon Deck that is currently sitting at Table 1! Will these Decks make the Top 32 cut tomorrow? Follow the coverage to find out!