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Round 3 Feature Match: Cameron Neal vs. Amos Mihulet

February 2nd, 2019

We’ve got VIP Duelist Cameron Neal for this round’s Feature Match! This Dallas Duelist is using a Danger! Thunder Dragon Deck, comprised of only monsters except for three copies of Sekka’s Light. The strategy is a popular one here at YCS Chicago, since it’s capable of making some huge plays with many Special Summons. The VIP Duelists earned two free byes into the tournament, but now it’s time for Neal to start competing. His opponent is Amos Mihulet from here in Chicago. Mihulet’s packing a Vampire Deck, which has many ways of controlling the field and utilizes a plethora of Zombie support and can make some awesome Xyz plays.

Duel 1

Mihulet won the die roll and chose to play first. He had Burial from a Different Dimension, Zombie World, Foolish Burial, Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade, and Vampire Familiar. He played Foolish Burial to send Vampire Retainer to the Graveyard. Retainer sent Familiar to the Graveyard to Special Summon itself, and its effect searched out Vampire Domination. Mihulet activated Zombie World and Set the rest of his hand.

Neal played Batteryman Solar, and Mihulet flipped Fog Blade to negate it. Neal activated Danger! Nessie! in his hand, discarding Thunder Dragondark. He Special Summoned the Nessie and drew a card. He activated Thunder Dragonhawk to Special Summon Dragondark. He used all Solar and Nessie to play Knightmare Phoenix, discarding Nessie for its effect. Mihulet flipped Vampire Domination to negate and destroy Phoenix, gaining some Life Points. Neal continued with the discarded Nessie’s effect, adding Danger!? Tsuchinoko? to his hand. He banished Solar and Nessie to play Thunder Dragonduo, destroying Retainer in battle. Dragonduo’s effect banished the Knightmare Phoenix in Neal’s Graveyard to add Thunder Dragonroar to his hand. Dragondark attacked directly. Neal then used Dragonroar to add Dragonhawk to his hand.

Mihulet drew Book of Life. He played it to banish Nessie and Special Summon Familiar from his Graveyard, using its effect to add Shadow Vampire to his hand. He flipped Burial from a Different Dimension to return Retainer to his Graveyard, then Tribute Summoned Shadow Vampire. Its effect Special Summoned Vampire Scarlet Scourge, and Scourge’s effect Special Summoned Retainer. Retainer added Vampire Domination to his hand. He sent Scarlet Scourge to destroy Dragondark in battle, and Neal added a Thunder Dragon to his hand. At the end of the Battle Phase, Scarlet Scourge’s effect Special Summoned Dragondark. He used Shadow and Retainer to Link Summon Vampire Sucker, then used Dragondark and Scarlet Scourge to play Dhampir Vampire Sheridan! Sheridan used both of its effects, sending Dragonduo to the Graveyard and immediately Special Summoning! Thanks to Zombie World, that triggered Vampire Sucker to let him draw Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force! He used it to Rank-Up his Sheridan into Number 22: Zombiestein! He Set Vampire Domination to finish the turn.

Neal used Thunder Dragon to get two more copies to his hand. He played Batteryman Solar, and Mihulet negated and destroyed it with Domination. Neal used Dragonhawk to Special Summon Dragonroar, and Vampire Sucker let Mihulet draw Scarlet Scourge. Neal used Tsuchinoko from his hand, discarding Danger!? Jackalope?. With both effects, he Special Summoned Tsuchinoko and Nessie. He used Tsuchinoko and Dragonroar to play Reprodocus, and Dragonroar’s effect Special Summoned Dragondark. He then used all three of his monsters to play Borreload Dragon. Dragondark added Dragonroar to his hand. Neal had Borreload steal Zombiestein, which destroyed Vampire Sucker.

Mihulet drew The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine. He used the effect of Familiar in the Graveyard, trading his Scarlet Scourge to Special Summon the Familiar. He used Familiar’s effect to add Vampire Fraulein to his hand. He sent Dragonduo to attack Borreload, activating Fraulein from his hand, then Chained Dragonduo’s effect to gain 300 ATK. He Special Summoned Fraulein in Defense Position. Still in the Battle Step, Neal used Zombiestein, discarding Thunder Dragon to negate Dragonduo and weaken it, making it lose the battle with Borreload. In the End Phase, Borreload’s effect ended and Zombiestein was sent to the Graveyard.

Neal played Batteryman Solar, then discarded Dragonhawk to Special Summon Thunder Dragon. He then used Dragonroar to add Dragonduo back to his hand. He Special Summoned it, banishing Thunder Dragon and Tsuchinoko from the Graveyard. Borreload attacked and stole Fraulein, and Dragonduo destroyed Familiar. Solar attacked, and Mihulet blocked with Shade Brigandine. In Main Phase 2, Neal used Thunder Dragon, Solar, and Fraulein to play Knightmare Unicorn and shuffle away Mihulet’s last card, Zombie World. With that off the field, Neal now Tributed Dragonduo to play Thunder Dragon Colossus!

Mihulet drew Scarlet Scourge and conceded the first Duel!

Duel 2

Mihulet began with Domination, Scarlet Scourge, Shade Brigandine, Familiar, and Fraulein. He played Shade Brigandine and Tributed it for Scarlet Scourge, then Set Domination.

Neal used Dragondark to get Thunder Dragon in his hand. He discarded that to get one Thunder Dragon, and passed.

Mihulet drew another Scarlet Scourge. He Normal Summoned Familiar and went to the Battle Phase. Scarlet Scourge attacked directly, and Mihulet Special Summoned Fraulein in Defense Position. He attacked directly with Familiar as well. He then used Scourge and Familiar to play Vampire Sucker. He discarded Scarlet Scourge to revive Familiar, using its effect to add Retainer to his hand, and Sucker let him draw Vampire Grace. He used Familiar and Sucker to play The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche, and it sent The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots to the Graveyard to Set Fog Blade on the field. He used Silent Boots to get a second Fog Blade and Set that as well.

Neal activated Tsuchinoko and discarded a Thunder Dragon, Special Summoning the Tsuchinoko. He Normal Summoned Denko Sekka! He then used Nessie, discarding a Dragondark to Special Summon the Nessie. He activated Danger! Mothman!, discarding Mothman itself. He used its effect to make each player draw a card and discard. Neal discarded Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair; Mihulet drew Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force and discarded Retainer. Neal Special Summoned Black Dragon Collapserpent and used it and Tsuchinoko to play Reprodocus, and Collapserpent searched out White Dragon Wyverbuster. He had Reprodocus turn Nessie into a Dinosaur and used both monsters to play Summon Sorceress. He Special Summoned Wyverbuster, and Special Summoned Eclipse Wyvern from his Deck with Summon Sorceress. He used Sorceress with Eclipse to play Saryuja Skull Dread. Eclipse banished Chaos Dragon Levianeer from the Deck. Neal then banished Eclipse and Collapserpent Thunder Dragonduo, and Eclipse added the Levianeer to his hand. He Special Summoned it, and Mihulet scooped up his cards!

Cameron Neal overcomes the Vampires thanks to his Danger! Thunder Dragon Deck!