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YCS Chicago Top 8 Pairings and Decks!

February 3rd, 2019

The Top 8 of YCS Chicago is underway! Check out who’s Dueling in the Top 8 and take a look at which Decks they’re using!

Table 1: Aaron Furman (Thunder Dragon) vs. Calvin Tahan (ABC)
Table 2: Alex Mondlak (Cyber Dragon) vs. Denis Nadas (Thunder Dragon Danger!)
Table 3: Ed Acepcion (Orcust Danger!) vs. Christopher Haberstroh (Sky Striker)
Table 4: Raphael Neven (Lunalight) vs. Jonas Koschel (Thunder Dragon Danger!)

Only 1 Sky Striker Deck remains in the tournament as of the Top 8! Although 3 Thunder Dragon Decks are still in contention to win YCS Chicago, Cyber Dragons, ABCs, Orcusts, and Lunalights are still alive in the tournament. Only 3 rounds remain until the champion of YCS Chicago is named!