QQ: Which Strategy Will Win This Weekend?

March 2nd, 2019

QQ stands for Quick Questions! The recent release of Structure Deck: Soulburner allowed the Salamangreat theme to rise to the top of competitive Dueling, reshaping the competitive Dueling field. I surveyed the Duelists this weekend to see which strategy they think will win the UDS Invitational – Winter 2019 this weekend. Check out their responses!

“Pendulums.” -Oscar Renderos

“I think people are very unprepared for Sky Strikers.” -Jesus Reyes Flores

“Probably Salamangreat. But with enough optimism… me!” -Sebastian Ian Chen

“My SUBTERROR strategy!” -Corbin Diez

“Truthfully, Salamangreat is one of the best Decks, but I feel like my Sky Striker build has an advantage over it.” -Abel Carrasco

“My Salamangreat strategy.” -Angel Ascercio

“Salamangreat.” -Roberto Carlos Gomez Picazo

“Orcust or Thunder Dragon.” -Eddie Martin Strom

We’ve mostly seen Sky Striker, Salamangreat, Thunder Dragon, and Danger! Decks at the top tables this weekend, but it’s still anyone’s guess as to which Duelist and Deck will win. Follow the coverage this weekend to find out which strategy beats the rest of them!