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Team YCS Atlanta: Dragon Duel Speed Duel – Round 3: Coleman Hall Patten vs. Trevon Centell White

March 16th, 2019

There’s usually only one Dragon Duel per day during a YCS, but this weekend there are two!  Last time we showcased a Constructed Advanced tournament, and this time we go to the new and shiny Speed Duels!  Speed Duels are played with cards that have “SPEED DUEL” written in the text box’s foil and across from the card’s set number.  This tournament is a Sealed event, so the Dragon Duelists will use Decks right out of the box without making any other alterations.  (The Decks used in this event are Speed Duel Starter Deck: Destiny Masters and Speed Duel Starter Deck: Duelists of Tomorrow.) Speed Duels are played a little differently than the usual Yu-Gi-Oh!: You only have 3 Monster Zones and 3 Spell & Trap Zones to work with, your LP starts at 4000, your starting hand is 4 cards and there is no Main Phase 2. With a very limited card pool, you’ll see strategies and tactics you won’t normally see in Constructed play.  We’re in Round 3, the final round of this tournament at Table 3, with Coleman Hall Patten from Atlanta Georgia taking on Trevon Centell White. It’s time to Speed Duel!

Duel 1

Patten started with Ishizu and Gravekeeper’s Lot while his opponent has Mai Valentine / Flight of the Harpies’.

Patten won the roll and go first.  He passed turn.

White activated Amazoness Village and passed.

Patten Normal Summoned Gravekeeper’s Curse, inflicting 500 damage to White.  He attacked directly with Curse and activated Sebek’s Blessing to gain 800 LP.

White Normal Summoned Harpie Lady 2.  White attacked with Harpie Lady 2 into Patten’s Gravekeeper’s Curse, destroying it.

Patten drew and passed.

White Normal Summoned Harpie Lady 3 and attacked with both Harpie Ladies.

Patten drew another card.  His hand contained 3 high-level Gravekeeper’s monsters and had no plays to make.

White Normal Summoned Amazoness Chain Master and that was enough.  Patten revealed his hand of unplayable cards.

Duel 2

Patten switched to a Pegasus Deck while White stayed with a Mai Deck.

Patten wanted White to go first.  White Normal Summoned Harpie Lady 3.

Patten drew Mimicat and activated Toon Table of Contents, adding Toon World to his hand.  He then activated Yami then activated Toon World, paying 1000 LP, dropping to 3000.

White Normal Summoned Amazoness Sage and attacked directly with both for 2700, leaving Patten at 300 LP.

Patten drew and activated Black Illusion Ritual, Tributing the Toon Alligator in his hand to Ritual Summon Relinquished.  He used Relinquished to absorb White’s Amazoness Sage and attacked White’s Harpie Lady 3.

White Normal Summoned Harpie Lady 2.

Patten drew another Toon World.  He attacked with Relinquished into White’s Harpie Lady 2.

White Normal Summoned Amazoness Chain Master.  White attacked into Relinquished.  Patten kept Relinquished alive by sending the equipped Amazoness Sage to the Graveyard with both players taking the 100 damage, leaving Patten at just 200 LP.

Patten used Relinquished’s effect to absorb White’s Amazoness Chain Master and then Normal Summoned Toon Masked Sorcerer and activated Mimicat to steal Whites Harpie Lady 2.  Harpie Lady 2 and Relinquished Attacked directly.

But with only 200 LP, Patten was in danger of losing with any Normal Summoned monster with enough ATK.  White Normal Summoned Birdface and attached the stolen Harpie Lady 2 to end the match!

White wins the match!