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Team YCS Atlanta: QQ – What Deck are You Using This Weekend?

March 16th, 2019

QQ stands for Quick Questions!  We asked the Duelists in attendance what Deck they’re using this weekend.  

“Trickstar Traptrix because it’s a more competitive Deck that can counter the current meta.” – Austin Ludy, of Ying Yang Zing

“Danger! Thunder!  I got a bonus on my paycheck so I can afford it now :)” – Nicholas Moore, of Ying Yang Zing

“Pendulum Orcust.  Take two really strong mehcanics, mix them, win.” – Patrick Rose, Ying Yang Zing

“Sky Striker, because I’m nice.” – Carter Rodney Wix-Peeler, of The 4migos

“Cyber Dragon, my favorite Deck from GX (imo the best anime)” – Paul McGee of Class 1APS

“Danger! Thunder.  I feel it’s the best Deck.” – Austin Brett Barnett, of Team 1234

“Dark Warrior with Golden Castle of Stromberg.” – Sean Miller of Redline Team A

“Salamangreat, it’s super consistent, the Deck comes with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, the comebacks are insane, and I already had Lady Debugs because I knew there would be a good Cyberse Deck” – Matthew Kelley, of Button Gang Freedies

“Danger! Dark Warrior Orcust” – Patrick Cole, of Blue-Eyes 101

“Salamangreat, it’s incredibly consistent and has great kill pressure.” – Andy Zhou, of Illini YuGiOh

“Danger! Orcust.  Best combo Deck.” – Joshua Lee Harris, of StL

“Danger! Thunder Guardragon with Sekka’s Light.  It has great extending for plays and has great sealing power.” – Blake Goforth, of StL

It seems there’s a good variety of Decks throughout the tournament.  Stay tuned for further updates from YCS Atlanta!

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