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Team YCS Atlanta: QQ – What Decks Did You Prepare For?

March 16th, 2019

QQ stands for Quick Questions!  We asked the Duelists in attendance which Deck(s) they prepared to face this weekend.  

“Salamangreat, Thunder Dragon, and Sky Striker” – Austin Ludy, of Ying Yang Zing

“Orcust, Pendulum Magician, Sky Striker, Salamangreat” – Nicholas Moore, of Ying Yang Zing

“Danger! Decks, Trickstar, and Salamangreat” – Patrick Rose, Ying Yang Zing

“Sky Striker, Salamangreat, and ABC” – Carter Rodney Wix-Peeler, of The 4migos

“Salamangreat!” – Paul McGee of Class 1APS

“Salamangreat, Strikers, and the mirror” – Austin Brett Barnett, of Team 1234

“All of them” – Sean Miller of Redline Team A

“Salamangreats, Danger! Thunder Guardragon, and Danger! Orcust” – Matthew Kelley, of Button Gang Freedies

“Salamangreats, Thunder Dragons, and Sky Strikers” – Daniel Rivera, of Team Elite

“Danger! Thunder Dragon, Sky Striker, Trickstars, and other Orcust Decks” – Patrick Cole, of Blue-Eyes 101

“Orcust, Sky Striker, Salamangreat” – Jorge Bemal, of Despacito

“Sky Striker, because Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! is incredibly powerful.” – Andy Zhou, of Illini YuGiOh

“Salamangreat and Thunder Dragon” – Joshua Lee Harris, of StL

“Salamangreat” – Blake Goforth, of StL

Clearly, Salamangreat, Thunder Dragon, Sky Striker, and Orcust were expected matchups for the majority of those who answered.  Stay tuned for more from YCS Atlanta!

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