Top Tables Update: Round 5

March 2nd, 2019

Check out the Duelists and Decks in the top 10 tables in Round 5 of the UDS Invitational – Winter 2019!

Table 1: Hani Jawhari (Sky Striker) vs. Rodolfo Ramirez (Salamangreat)
Table 2: Dominic Couch (Sky Striker) vs. Jesse Kotton (Danger! Zombie)
Table 3: Daniel Ramirez (Thunder) vs. Ryan May (Subterror)
Table 4: Matthew Chandler (Danger! Warrior Orcust) vs. Craig Hayashi (Sky Striker)
Table 5: Esala Wathuthantrige (Danger! Zombie) vs. Martin Kass (Trickstar Sky Striker)
Table 6: Collin Hand (Danger! Thunder) vs. Joel White (Salamangreat)
Table 7: Carl Manigat (Salamangreat) vs. Anthony Gausepohl (Trains)
Table 8: Chester Henson (Salamangreat) vs. Wei Li (Danger! Thunder)
Table 9: Alexis Rodriguez (Salamangreat) vs. Ryan Yu (Sky Striker)
Table 10: Kenny Nguyen (Sky Striker) vs. Erick Gomez (Sky Striker)

There’s lots of variety at the top 10 tables in Round 5! Sky Strikers and Salamangreats lead the pack, while Danger!, Thunder, Trickstar, Zombie, Warrior, Subterror, and Orcust monsters remain relevant in the top 10 tables. There’s even a Train Deck that’s still undefeated going into Round 5. Follow the coverage to see which Decks have what it takes to stay at the top tables!