UDS Invitational – Winter 2019 Prizes!

March 2nd, 2019

There are lots of AWESOME prizes up for grabs at the UDS Invitational – Winter 2019 here in Las Vegas, Nevada, but the best ones will only be available to the most skilled and luckiest Duelists in attendance.

The winner of the UDS Invitational will receive the CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!

This ultimate prize draws inspiration from The Seal of Orichalcos and is a thing of absolute beauty. The winner of this Championship Belt is entitled to free entry into all Tier 2 events in North America and Latin America, including Regionals and YCS Tournaments. The Championship Belt also grants its winner instant VIP status and a 2 Round BYE at YCS and WCQ events. It is the ultimate prize for the Ultimate Duelist.

The top 16 Duelists this weekend will receive a new cloth Game Mat featuring The Seal of Orichalcos. The background of this Game Mat has a darker tint of green than Game Mats given out at previous UDS Invitational events. That means this weekend is the first time ever at this specific Game Mat is available.

Since tournament attendance for the weekend surpassed 256 Duelists, the Top Cut this weekend will be a Top 16 cut instead of a Top 8 cut. That means 16 lucky Duelists will receive this awesome Game Mat. As was the case with previous cloth Game Mats featuring The Seal of Orichalcos, the Orichalcos design and Yu-Gi-Oh! and UDS logos glow green in the dark.

Cool pins, lanyards, and medals are also available to participants just for entering the tournament or for redeeming their UDS points. Rarer pins, lanyards, and medals are available for top-ranking Duelists. These prizes are being distributed in the same way that they were distributed at the UDS Invitational – Summer 2018. You can check out all of those prizes here.

There’s a lot at stake this weekend, and competitors will be giving this tournament their all! You can learn more about qualifying for an Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational and becoming the Ultimate Duelist by clicking here.