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Welcome to the UDS 2019 Winter Invitational!

March 2nd, 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Ultimate Duelist Series Winter Invitational! We’re here in the always exciting Las Vegas to crown this season’s champion! There are 361 Duelists (and counting) in attendance this weekend, ready for 13 Swiss rounds before we cut to the Top 16.

As an Ultimate Duelist Invitational, all these Duelists had to qualify to be here through their Dueling prowess. Most accumulated points by Dueling throughout the season; a few are here thanks to points earned by judging tournaments. They can then spend those earned points to enter this event, as well as on other prizes like exclusive pins, medals, and more. Check back soon and see our prize showcase!

This weekend marks the first North American premier event with the newest cards from Structure Deck: Soulburner, which introduced the newest Salamangreat cards. The new Salamangreat strategy has already proven itself, taking multiple spots in the top cut of YCS Dusseldorf. The Salamangreat cards offer a consistent strategy to put together Link Summons, and reward you for using a Link Monster as a Link Material to play another copy of the same Link Monster. Duelists in North America have had two weeks to play with Salamangreats, and we’ll soon see how the Salamangreat Duelists and their opponents have adapted to each other.

We’re about to begin Round 1! It’s time to Duel!