Central America WCQ: VIP Duelists!

June 8th, 2019

VIP status entitles you to your own reserved seating as well as two Rounds of byes! At a YCS the byes are a huge perk, so you can imagine how much of an impact they have at a tournament as important as the WCQ. In addition to a UDS Champion, the VIP Duelists for the CAWCQ include those who claimed victory at their National Championships as well as those who were the top World Qualifying Point earners who battled it out in our Playoffs yesterday. Here’s a list of all the VIP Duelists competing this weekend!

Aaron Arturo Aguirre Osuna (UDS Champion)
Kevin Elias Agustin Mijangos (Guatemala National Champion)
Angel Fernando Ovalle Rivera (Panama National Champion)
Kelvin Antonio Pineda Benitez (El Salvador National Champion)
Gerald Yagans  South Chaves (Costa Rica National Champion)
Adrian Madriz Espinoza (Mexico National Champion)
Edgar Ivan Maldonado Perez (WQP Guatemala)
Galileo Mauricio De Obaldia Soza (WQP Panama)
Nelson Omar Andino Ochoa (WQP Honduras)
Miguel Roman Brache Lopez (WQP Dominican Republic)
Jose Carlo Carrillo Toscano (WQP Mexico)
Alejandro Garcia Morena (WQP Playoff Mexico)
Alejandro Vivaldo Reyes Suarez (WQP Mexico)
Erick Villanueva Priego (WQP Mexico)

With two Rounds and some extra preparation time under their belt, the VIP Duelists are ready to go now that Round 3 is about to start!