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North America WCQ: Deck Breakdown

June 22nd, 2019

It took all day, but our talented judge team and event staff went through 2095 Decklists to find out which Decks Duelists are using this weekend. They categorized each Deck by “Main Type” and, if applicable, “Sub Types”; but for the purposes of this article and the simplification of the statistics involved, we’ll focus on the “Main Type” used by this weekend’s competitors.

Here’s how many of each “Main Type” was entered into this weekend’s North America WCQ:

Salamangreat: 421 Duelists (approximately 20%)
Danger: 420 Duelists (approximately 20%)
Sky Striker: 282 Duelists (approximately 13%)
Orcust: 240 Duelists (approximately 11%)
True Draco: 96 Duelists (approximately 5%)
Altergeist: 79 Duelists (approximately 4%)
Thunder Dragon: 64 Duelists (approximately 3%)
Subterror: 50 Duelists (approximately 2%)
Phantom Knight: 49 Duelists (approximately 2%)
Trickstar: 42 Duelists (approximately 2%)
Pendulum Endymion: 38 Duelists (approximately 2%)
Dinosaur: 30 Duelists (approximately 1%)
Cyber Dragon: 28 Duelists (approximately 1%)
Mekk-Knight: 26 Duelists (approximately 1%)

Keep in mind that each Deck could only be categorized by one “Main Type”, even though many Decks used by this weekend’s Duelists use several different strategies that are integral to the success of their Deck. Nevertheless, the rough numbers shown above give you an approximation of what Decks Duelists are using at this highest level of competitive play. The percentage of Decks not accounted for by the numbers above consist of many other types of Decks with less than 1% of representation (20 or fewer Duelists) in the tournament, including Burn Decks, Train Decks, Paleozoic Decks, SPYRAL Decks, Infernoid Decks, Gem-Knight Decks, Lunalight Decks, and several more types of Decks.

When you enter a tournament, be ready to face off against all of these popular Decks that were used by Duelists to participate in the 2019 North America WCQ!