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North America WCQ: Duel Links Tournament!

June 22nd, 2019

Duel Links is now a part of Public Events at YCS and WCQ events! This weekend, Duelists were able to participate in 8-player tournaments with the chance to win exclusive Duel Links pins. The latest Duel Links Public Event at the 2019 North America WCQ just finished. Check out the first and second place Duelists, and take a look at the strategies they used in their path to triumph!

The rules of the tournament were simple: There were 8 Duelists competing, each using their own Duel Links account. Each round was played as a Best-of-Three Match, and all Duelists could use whichever cards, characters, and skills they wanted to use in each Duel. In essence, everything in a Duelist’s account was that Duelist’s “Side Deck”. As a result, successful Duelists in the tournament were constantly switching Decks, characters, and skills, between Duels and between Rounds, in order to keep their opponents guessing about what was in store.

James Davis was the ultimate winner in the latest Duel Links tournament.

Davis mostly used his Subterror Deck with Lumis and Umbra’s “Masked Tribute” skill in the tournament, but he also switched into his Blue-Eyes Deck with the “Beatdown” skill and Ancient Gear Deck with the “Middle Age Mechs” skill between Duels. Mostly using his Subterror Deck, he managed to win the tournament and take home the 1st Place Lion Pin, representing the “King of Games” rank in Duel Links. Throughout the tournament, Davis encountered a variety of Decks, including Subterrors, Red-Eyes, and Neos.

Brendan Narbone took second place in that same Duel Links tournament, losing to Davis in the Finals.

Narbone mostly used his Red-Eyes Deck with Ishizu’s “Sealed Tombs” skill throughout the tournament, but sometimes switched to his Blue-Eyes Deck. Narbone Dueled against Red-Eyes, Subterror, and Cyber Angel Decks throughout the tournament, ultimately taking home the 2nd Place Ox Pin, which represents the “Legend” rank in Duel Links.

You can test your Duel Links skills by participating in one of the Duel Links Public Events at an upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament.