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North America WCQ: FYE Pop-Up Store!

June 22nd, 2019

Most Duelists are used to seeing vendors selling Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and accessories at events, but this time, there’s a new type of shop in the tournament hall! The North America WCQ has the all-new FYE pop-up store, selling brand new products. Check out what’s for sale!

The Blue-Eyes White Dragon Berry Blast White Chocolate Swirl chocolate bar is a best-seller this weekend! This sweet new chocolate bar sold out yesterday, necessitating a new emergency shipment to make sure they would be available to hungry Duelists this weekend!

Start your day with a bowl of milk and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Berry Blast Cereal! This cereal is available for Duelists to purchase this weekend, giving them the perfect way to start their day before 9 Rounds of Dueling.

The Blue-Eyes theme for the FYE pop-up store continues with the all-new Blue-Eyes White Dragon t-shirt! You can get this new t-shirt right here at the North America WCQ!

Finally, the FYE pop-up store has Yu-Gi-Oh! Funko Pop! figures for sale! Yugi, Kaiba, Dark Magician Girl, and of course, Blue-Eyes White Dragon are all available as Funko Pop! figures this weekend!

If you’re at the North America WCQ, be sure to check out the FYE pop-up store! If you’re not, you can find these products at an FYE store near you!

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