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North America WCQ: Top Tables Update Round 12

June 23rd, 2019

This is the last round of Swiss!  Let’s take a look at the top tables in Round 12! 

Table 1: Darren Villanueva (Sky Striker) vs. Yueqi Zhu (Salamangreat)

Table 2: Denny Vu (Phantom Knight Orcust) vs. Hernan Villalva (Phantom Knight Orcust)

Table 3: Thanh Nguyen (Phantom Knight Orcust) vs. Evan Burlaga (Crusadia Danger! Thunder Dragon)

Table 4: John Thraen (Salamangreat) vs. Mitchel Rosado Sepulveda (Sky Striker)

Table 5: Matthew Gibson (Salamangreat) vs. Timothy Befera (Zombie)

Table 6: Simon Wang (Danger! Orcust Phantom Knight) vs. Orion Gonzales (Danger! Thunder Dragon)

Table 7: Gibran El-Allie (Phantom Knight Orcust) vs. Nicholas Racioppi (Mystic Mine Burn)

Table 8: Robert Kenny III (Dinosaur Orcust) vs. Alfred Danklefsen III (Crusadia Danger! Thunder Dragon)

Table 9: Eric Hernandez (Danger! Thunder Dragon) vs. Christopher Hood (Sky Striker)

Table 10: Tyler Wilson (Crusadia Danger! Thunder Dragon) vs. Jason Daniel Kartanowicz (Mystic Mine Burn)

Stay tuned for more updates from the 2019 North America WCQ!

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