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North America WCQ: Top Tables Update – Round 5

June 22nd, 2019

Look who’s at the top 10 tables in Round 5 of the North America WCQ!

Table 1: Kevin Bortle (Trickstar) vs. Justin Singh (Salamangreat)
Table 2: Taylor Mauck (Crusadia/Danger/Thunder Dragon) vs. Jerome Stern (Crusadia/Danger/Thunder Dragon)
Table 3: Vincent Campana (Danger/Thunder Dragon) vs. Anthony Navarro (Danger/Thunder Dragon)
Table 4: Homero Aleman (Salamangreat) vs. John Thraen (Salamangreat)
Table 5: Akeem Abrahim (Sky Striker) vs. Michael Wisniewski (Paleozoic)
Table 6: Christian Georges (Orcust/Phantom Knight/Trickstar) vs. Andrew Trapp (Phantom Knight/Orcust/DARK Warrior)
Table 7: Richard Novack (True Draco) vs. Zachary Poling (Salamangreat)
Table 8: Samuel Silberman (Salamangreat) vs. Arick Liu (Altergeist)
Table 9: Daniel Locklear (Orcust/Phantom Knight) vs. David Tucker (Danger/Thunder Dragon)
Table 10: Anthony Accettura (Altergeist) vs. Jake Kuenzi (Orcust/Phantom Knight/Trickstar)

All of the Duelists at the top 10 tables are currently undefeated with 4-0 records. Although there are undefeated Duelists go all the way down through Table 45 since it’s still early in the tournament, these top 10 tables give a small sample of which Decks have what it takes to win the first four Swiss Rounds. There’s a wide variety of Decks at the top 10 tables, and we are likely to see that variety continue as we bring you more Top Tables Updates throughout the weekend.