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North America WCQ: Top Tables Update – Round 6

June 22nd, 2019

Check out the undefeated Duelists and Decks at the top 10 tables in Round 6 of the North America WCQ!

Table 1: Shon Anderson (Salamangreat) vs. Morshed Reza (Salamangreat)
Table 2: Darren Villanueva (Sky Striker) vs. Jonathan Abella (Salamangreat)
Table 3: Michael Cazeau (Danger! Thunder Dragon) vs. Roland Fang (Orcust Phantom Knight)
Table 4: Michael Wisniewski (Paleozoic) vs. Manpreet Rattan (Prank Kids)
Table 5: Joseph Fischer (Danger! Thunder Dragon) vs. Nestor Tambassopoulos (Orcust Phantom Knight)
Table 6: Austin Forsythe (Salamangreat) vs. Charles Dupee (Burning Abyss/Phantom Knight/Orcust)
Table 7: William Rodriguez (Orcust Phantom Knight) vs. Steven Santoli (Altergeist)
Table 8: Christian Georges (Orcust Phantom Knight) vs. Evan Yang (Sky Striker)
Table 9: Jonathan Ding (Pendulum Endymion) vs. Adam Kawasmi (Salamangreat)
Table 10: Abdur Dominguez (Salamangreat) vs. Maguette Gueye (Salamangreat)

The Deck variety continues among undefeated Duelists at the top 10 tables! Salamangreat Decks appear to be the most popular at the top 10 tables, but as expected, Orcust, Phantom Knight, Sky Striker, and Danger! Thunder Dragon strategies have multiple appearances at the top tables. Interestingly, there’s also a Prank Kids Deck, a Pendulum Endymion Deck, a Paleozoic Deck, an Altergeist Deck, and a strategy incorporating Burning Abyss monsters at the top 10 tables. The undefeated Duelists piloting these Decks have proven their Decks’ strengths, and will continue striving for success in the rest of the tournament. Continue following the tournament coverage to see which Decks prevail in this weekend’s 2019 North America World Championship Qualifier!