Top Tables Update: Round 6

June 1st, 2019

Are you curious about which Decks are at the top 10 tables in North America’s first YCS under the new Forbidden & Limited List? If you are, take a look at the Round 6 Top Tables Update!

Table 1: Timothy Cox (Salamangreat) vs. Jose Carrillo (Orcust Phantom Knight Sky Striker)
Table 2: Shemar House (Salamangreat) vs. Luke Parkes (Orcust Phantom Knight Trickstar)
Table 3: Faisal Khan (Danger! Thunder Dragon) vs. Elijah Green (Orcust Phantom Knight Danger!)
Table 4: Hisam Jawhari (Danger! Crusadia Thunder Dragon) vs. James Kim (Danger! Thunder Dragon)
Table 5: Zachary Bishop (Sky Striker) vs. Oscar Gallardo (Sky Striker)
Table 6: Jesse Kotton (Danger! Thunder Dragon) vs. Guillaume Veinier (Danger! Thunder Dragon)
Table 7: Julian Cresto (Salamangreat) vs. Christopher Hood (Sky Striker)
Table 8: Dakota Angeloff (Danger! Thunder Dragon) vs. Dominic Couch (Orcust Phantom Knight Sky Striker)
Table 9: Jackson Brischler (Pendulum Magicians) vs. Erick Villanueva (Danger! Phantom Knight Orcust)
Table 10: Sean Washington (Salamangreat) vs. Andres Torres Reyes (Orcust Phantom Knight)

The Duelists at the top 10 tables all remain undefeated! There are lots of Salamangreats, Sky Strikers, Phantom Knights, Orcusts, Thunder Dragons, and Danger! cards in the top 10 tables during Round 6, with a Pendulum Magician Deck also at the top 10 tables and some Trickstar and Crusadia cards sprinkled into two of the Decks. Follow the coverage to see which Decks continue to achieve success in YCS Knoxville!