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Top Tables Update: Round 8

June 8th, 2019

Let’s take a look at the Top Tables in Round 8 of the Central America WCQ!

Table 1: Carlos Jesus Mercado Ramirez (Sky Striker) vs. Arturo Enciso Viveros (Salamangreat)

Table 2: Juan Octavio Avilez Gomez (Sky Striker) vs. Arturo Serrano Celis (Sky Striker)

Table 3: Ricardo Ruiz Mendoza (Sky Striker) vs. Pedro Antonio Baltazar Solis (Endymion)

Table 4: Joan Andres Bailon Gonzales (Danger! Orcust Phantom Knight) vs. Kevin Antonio Luna Puenta (Danger! Orcust Phantom Knight)

Table 5: Asiel Nevtali Corpus Mendoza (Crusadia Guardragon) vs. Alejandro Viveros Luis (Salamangreat)

Table 6: Luis Angel Ortega Silvestre (Salamangreat) vs. Jose Andrei Parrales Chanona (Thunder Dragon)

Table 7: Luis Christian Villalpando Chavez (Danger! Crusadia Thunder Dragon) vs. Aldo Alejandro Arreola Garcia (Danger! Orcust)

Table 8: Salvador Cruz del Saz (Salamangreat) vs. Helbelt Escobedo Prieto (Salamangreat)

Table 9: Marco Antonio Enriquez Garcia (Salamangreat) vs. Robert Calderon Azar (Salamangreat)

Table 10: Allan Jose Sanchez Obando (Sky Striker) vs. Diego Enrique Hernandez Perez (Thunder Dragon)

Salamangreat has continued their success, leading the pack with 7 Duelists using them in the Top 10 Tables. Sky Striker is close in second though, with 5 Duelists representing the strategy. Combo strategies have slowly crept up since we last checked in, with unique takes like Crusadia Guardragon and Endymion pushing through. With two more Rounds of Swiss to go tomorrow, it’ll be exciting to see how the Top Cut breaks down!