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Welcome to the 2019 Central America WCQ!

June 7th, 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Central America World Championship Qualifier here in México City, México!

Duelists and young Dragon Duelists from around Central America have gathered at the Expo Reforma here in México City, México to prove their Dueling skills and earn an invitation to the most prestigious tournament of the year – the World Championship! The winner of both the Central America World Championship Qualifier and the Central America Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier will be invited to compete in the 2019 World Championship in Berlin, Germany this August, and will receive paid travel and accommodations. Fantastic prizes including game mats, sleeves, trophies, booster packs, complete booster sets, YCS Prize Cards, and electronic game consoles will also be provided to top-ranking Duelists; but all eyes are on that top prize and the honor of competing on a global stage.

New to this years WCQ’s are the World Qualifying Points Playoff, where Duelists compete all season earning points before a final showdown the Friday of their WCQ. The top point earners from the region will participate in a single elimination bracket, where the winner will earn their invite straight to the World Championship! Just for earning their spot in the worlds Qualifying Points Playoff, each Duelist will receive a Super Rare copy of the YCS Prize Card Chaos Emperor, Dragon of Armageddon as well as VIP status for the WCQ which includes two byes!

Fresh off of  YCS Knoxville, the Advanced Format has begun to take shape. Variants of Orcust and Thunder Dragon exist as the two most dominant combo strategies, while Salamangreat and Sky Striker remain as the popular control choices. Each of these Decks is very good in its own right, so everyone is trying to get a leg up with tech cards and trying to make a read on the field so they can prepare accordingly. The finals of YCS Knoxville featured variants of Thunder Dragon and Orcust, with Thunder Dragon finally claiming their first premier tournament victory. Dark Neostorm has done a lot to boost both of these strategies, with the release of cards like Omni Dragon Brotaur and Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star. However, every Deck now also has access to Gnomaterial, a unique new “hand trap” style card that can put a huge wrench in many of the most popular strategies.

That doesn’t mean those are the only Decks we’ll see this weekend though, as everything from Trickstar to Subterror, True Draco to Altergeist, and much more has seen success this season. The World Qualifying Points Playoff is about to start, and then we’ll have tons of action this whole weekend during the Main Event!