YCS Portland: Wrap-Up!

August 25th, 2019

The first YCS of the season has come to a close. It was an amazing weekend with some amazing Dueling. We saw that the format is quite balanced overall, with a wide representation of Decks in the Top 32. Sky Strikers, Salamangreats, Thunder Dragons, Crusadia, Altergeists, Endymion Pendulums, and a lot of different Orcust variants were all here this weekend – and those are just the most popular ones. There were breakout performances from Nekroz, Subterrors, Crusadia Thunder hybrids, and the one everyone’s talking about, a Golden Castle of Stromberg Deck using Gren Maju Da Eiza.

Now that Duelists have had more time with Rising Rampage, we’re seeing them really get comfortable with the cards. In particular, Get Out!, White Howling, and Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess saw use this weekend.  With YCS Niagra Falls in only a month, we’re looking forward to seeing how people have adapted to the new cards from Rising Rampage and Fists of the Gadgets, as well as the new F&L List. Thanks for following along with us, and we’ll see you September 21st for the YCS Niagra Falls coverage!

Here’s the overview for the all of YCS Portland’s coverage.

Welcome to YCS Portland, Oregon!
Prize Wall
Who to Watch

Feature Matches:
Round 1 Feature Match: Thomas Robert Jefferson Brower vs. Andrew Brian Ostler
Round 2 Feature Match: Yishan McNabb vs. Christopher Young
Round 3 Feature Match: Paulo Roberto Goncalves da Silva vs. Brendon Wai Hung Siow
Round 4 Feature Match: Elmerande Santos vs. Wesley Rouse
Round 5 Feature Match: Aaron Chase Furman vs. Patrick James
Round 6 Feature Match: Melvin Brookins vs. Caulin Bradshaw
Round 7 Feature Match: Bryan Rojas vs. Corey Nakata
Round 8 Feature Match: Sam Arunnaveesiri vs. Avery Foster
Round 9 Feature Match: Randy Moreno vs. Abraham King
Round 10 Feature Match: Doug Zeeff vs. Jordan Sanchez
Top 32 Feature Match: Randy Moreno vs. Yishan McNabb
Top 16 Feature Match: Dominic Couch vs. Joe Alvarez
Top 8 Feature Match: Brian Chen vs. Ezequiel Carranza
Top 4 Feature Match: Garon Williams vs. Yishan McNabb
Finals Feature Match: Yishan McNabb vs. Brian Chen
Dragon Duel Championship Playoffs: Aiden Moneke vs. Kai Pisan

Deck Profiles:
Top 4 Deck Profile – Joe Alvarez’s Salamangreat
Top 4 Deck Profile – Garon William’s Sky Striker
Top 4 Deck Profile – Yishan McNabb’s Golden Castle Gren Maju
Top 4 Deck Profile – Brian Chen’s Sky Striker

Deck Breakdowns:
VIP Deck Breakdown
Top Table Update: Round 5
Top Table Update: Round 6
Top Table Update: Round 8
Top 32 Duelists and Decks!

Quick Questions:
QQ: What is Your Favorite Card from Rising Rampage?
QQ: What’s your favorite card in Fists of the Gadgets?
QQ: What was your Favorite Change to the F&L List? 
QQ: How do you Like Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution so far? 

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Sunday’s Top 4 Dragon Duelists
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