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QQ: What Decks Did You Prepare To Face This Weekend?

September 22nd, 2019

QQ stands for Quick Questions!  We asked the Duelists in attendance what Decks they were prepared to face this weekend.

“Sky Striker, Orcust, Cyber Dragon Orcust” – Victor Vuong

“Orcust, Sky Striker, Salamangreat” – Austin Smothers

“Lunalight Orcust, Salamangreat with Enemy Controller, Sky Striker, Thunder Dragon” – Andrew Buchanan

“Of all the Orcust variants, I was expecting to see a lot of Cyber Dragon Orcust – perhaps more than Lunalight Orcust” – Stephen Blagoja Nawmovski

“Orcust, Sky Striker, Thunder Dragon” – Dave Trepanier

“True Draco, Thunder Dragon” – – Carmen Harold

“Sky Striker, Orcust” – Blake Morrison

“Orcust, Sky Striker, Salamangreat, Thunder Dragon” – Brett Coleman-Monteiro

“Orcust, Sky Striker, Salamangreat” – Andrew Taylor

“Salamangreat, Orcust, Cyber Dragon, Thunder Dragon” – Benjamin Wyman

“Orcust, Thunder Dragon, Sky Striker” – Craig Chin

“Orcust, Thunder Dragon, Sky Striker” – Dorian Chatarpaul

“Orcust, Sky Striker, Salamangreat and Thunder Dragon” – Paulo Roberto Goncalves da Silva

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