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Round 1 Feature Match: David Moncada Olmos vs. Renato Ricardo Sarmiento Mesones

September 28th, 2019

Welcome to Round 1! We have 788 players so we’re playing 7 Rounds of Swiss today followed by 3 Rounds tomorrow followed by the cut to the Top 32! We’re starting at Table 324 with one of our Bounty Duelists! Renato Ricardo Sarmiento Mesones from Peru is the Bounty Duelist at the table and he’s playing Frogs with Main Decked Nibiru, the Primal Being! He’s taking on David Moncada Olmos from Mexico and his Thunder Dragon Deck.  Starting off with a win sets the tone for the rest of the day, so this is sure to be a good match. It’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Moncada Olmos won the roll and elected to go first. He started off with He discarded Thunder Dragon to add 2 more from his Deck to his hand. He discarded Thunder Dragonhawk to Special Summon the Thunder Dragon in the Graveyard, then turned the Thunder Dragon on the field into a Thunder Dragon Colossus in Defense Position. Moncada Olmos passed here. (While a single Thunder Dragon Colossus is still something to contend with, a Thunder Dragon player’s first turn would have been way more explosive before the existence of Nibiru, the Primal Being.)

Sarniento Mesones started with a hand of Paleozoic Olenoides, Nibiru, the Primal Being, Paleozoic Dinomischus, Paleozoic Canadia and Dupe Frog and drew into Swap Frog for turn. He Normal Summoned it and activated its effect to send a Frog from the Deck to the Graveyard but Moncada Olmos negated it with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Sarniento Mesones bounced Swap Frog back to his hand then Special Summoned it by discarding Dupe Frog. Sarniento Mesones used its effect to send Ronintoadin from his Deck to the Graveyard. Ronintoadin’s effect banished the Dupe Frog in his Graveyard to Special Summon Ronintoadin. Both monsters were stacked to Xyz Summon Toadally Awesome. He Set Paleozoic Canadia and Paleozoic Dinomischus and passed.

In Moncada Olmos’s Standby Phase, Toadally Awesome’s effect let Sarniento Mesones Special Summon Dupe Frog from his Deck. Moncada Olmos switched Thunder Dragon Colossus into Attack Position and attacked over Sarniento Mesones’s Dupe Frog. Dupe Frog’s effect added Swap Frog (detached from Toadally Awesome’s effect earlier this turn) from Sarniento Mesones’s Graveyard to his hand.

Sarniento Mesones drew Compulsory Evacuation Device for turn. He Special Summoned Swap Frog from the Deck during the Standby Phase and dumped another Ronintoadin to the Graveyard. He bounced Swap Frog to his hand then discarded the second Swap Frog to Special Summon the first and its effect to send a Frog to the Graveyard was negated with Moncada Olmos’s Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Toadally Awesome and Swap Frog were sent to the Graveyard to Link Summon Mistar Boy. Moncada Olmos Special Summoned Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay from his hand, drawing 2 and putting 1 card back into the Deck while Toadally Awesome’s Graveyard effect brought Dupe Frog back to Sarniento Mesones’s hand and. Sarniento Mesones used Swap Frog’s extra Normal Summon on Dupe Frog, then brought back an Ronintoadin from the Graveyard, then turned all of his monsters into a Borrelsword Dragon! Two Ronintoadins came out of the Graveyard and turned into another Toadally Awesome! Borrelsword Dragon attacked over Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay, leaving Moncada Olmos at 5000 LP. He then activated Paleozoic Dinomischus to banish Thunder Dragon Colossus which allowed Toadally Awesome to attack directly, leaving Moncada Olmos at 2800 LP. Borrelsword Dragon’s effect was next, turning Toadally Awesome into Defense Position to get a second attack! Borrelsword Dragon’s second attack was enough to seal the first Duel!

Duel 2

Moncada Olmos elected to go first. In the Draw Phase, Sarniento Mesones activated Artifact Lancea from his hand. Moncada Olmos Normal Summoned Batteryman Solar and used its effect to send Thunder Dragonroar from the Deck to the Graveyard. He then activated Thunder Dragon’s effect from his hand, discarding it to add 2 more from his Deck to his hand. He Set a card to the back and passed.

Sarniento Mesones drew Infinite Impermanence for turn, adding it to his hand of Crackdown, Reckless Greed, Paleozoic Dinomischus and Super Polymerization. He Set everything except Super Polymerization and passed.

Moncada Olmos Set another card to the back and attacked directly with Batteryman Solar. Sarniento Mesones didn’t have a response and took 1500, leaving his LP at 6500 LP.

Sarniento Mesones drew Nibiru, the Primal Being and passed.

Moncada Olmos discarded Thunder Dragonhawk to Special Summon Thunder Dragonroar. Batteryman Solar Special Summoned a Batteryman Token. The Token and Batteryman Solar went to the Graveyard to Link Summon Some Summer Summoner. The Link Monster turned into a Thunder Dragon Colossus. Sarniento Mesones activated Paleozoic Dinomischus discarding Super Polymerization to banish Moncada Olmos’s Thunder Dragonroar. Thunder Dragon Colossus attacked directly and Sarniento Mesones activated Crackdown and chained Paleozoic Dinomischus in the Graveyard! Sarniento Mesones got Moncada Olmos’s Thunder Dragon Colossus and the Paleozoic came out of the Graveyard.

Sarniento Mesones drew Reckless Greed, then activated the Set one to draw Paleozoic Canadia and Paleozoic Dinomischus. The Paleozoic Dinomischus on the field attacked directly, leaving Moncada Olmos at 6800 LP. He switched Thunder Dragon Colossus to Defense Position, Set Reckless Greed and passed.

Moncada Olmos drew and passed. Sarniento Mesones activated Reckless Greed in the End Phase.

Sarniento Mesones skipped the first Draw Phase for Reckless Greed. He activated Pot of Desires, banishing the top 10 cards but Moncada Olmos negated it with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Paleozoic Dinomischus attacked for another 1200, leaving Moncada Olmos at 5600 LP. Sarniento Mesones Set Infinite Impermanence and passed.

Moncada Olmos activated Twin Twisters, discarding Thunder Dragon, to destroy Crackdown and Infinite Impermanence. Moncada Olmos took Thunder Dragon Colossus back to his field. He switched it to Attack Position and attacked over Paleozoic Dinomischus but Sarniento Mesones activated the Set Paleozoic Dinomischus, discarding Nibiru, the Primal Being and banishing Thunder Dragon Colossus.

Sarniento Mesones skipped the second Draw Phase for Reckless Greed and attacked directly with Paleozoic Dinomischus for 1200, leaving Moncada Olmos at 4400 LP.

Moncada Olmos drew and passed again, with only 2 Set cards.

Sarniento Mesones drew and attacked with Paleozoic Dinomischus once again, Moncada Olmos now down to 3200 LP.

Moncada Olmos activated Twin Twisters discarding another Thunder Dragon to destroy Sarniento Mesones’s Paleozoic Canadia and another card.

Sarniento Mesones drew and Set Trap Trick and attacked for another 1200 with Paleozoic Dinomischus Moncada Olmos at 2000 LP.

Moncada Olmos Normal Summoned Aloof Lupine. He activated its effect, banishing Thunder Dragondark from his hand to banish Thunder Dragonroar from his Deck. He used both effects, Special Summoning Thunder Dragonmartix from the Deck and adding Thunder Dragon Fusion from his Deck to his hand. Thunder Dragonmartix and Aloof Lupine went to the Graveyard to Link Summon Knightmare Phoenix. Its effect let Moncada Olmos discard Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay to destroy Sarniento Mesones’s Set Trap Trick which Sarniento Mesones Chained then Chained the Graveyard effect of Paleozoic Canadia. Canadia came out of the Graveyard and Sarniento Mesones banished a Compulsory Evacuation Device from his Deck to Set another one from his Deck. Phoenix attacked over Sarniento Mesones’s Paleozoic Canadia leaving Sarniento Mesones at 5800 LP.

Sarniento Mesones drew Solemn Judgment for turn. Compulsory Evacuation Device put Moncada Olmos’s Knightmare Phoenix back into the Extra Deck and Moncada Olmos chained the Paleozoic Dinomischus in his Graveyard. The 2400 ATK represented was enough to end the match! (After the match, I asked Moncada Olmos what his two Set cards were: Infinite Impermanence and Imperial Order. The Imperial Order was nearly a dead card in this matchup and the Infinite Impermanence saw no opportunity for activation.) 

It’s all Paleozoic Dinomischus all the time as two copies of Dinomischus attacked directly a combined seven times times to end the second Duel and secure the win for Renato Ricardo Sarmiento Mesones!