YCS Guadalajara: Who to Watch

September 28th, 2019

We’re currently in Round 6 which is bit later than usual for doing this as the people you’d want to watch may have had a bad day at the tables and are no longer in the tournament, but here’s a shortlist of accomplished players still in the tournament!

Ramiro Garcia placed in the Top 32 of YCS Niagara Falls last week!

Shovon Roy placed in the Top 16 at YCS Niagara Falls last week and also placed in the Top 16 of YCS Chicago earlier this year!

Manav Dawar competed in the 2019 World Championship, having placed in the Top 4 of the 2019 North America WCQ.  He’s also the winner of the 200th YCS in Columbus, Ohio!

If there’s a high-level event, Alejandro Garcia Moreno has probably won it.  He’s a 2-time UDS Champion, YCS Champion and has placed in the finals of 2019 Central America WCQ, also qualifying him for the World Championship.

Paulo Roberto Goncalves da Silva is a UDS Champion and has placed in the finals of YCS Sao Paulo last year.

Esala Wathuthantrige has made the playoffs of numerous YCS events and has been to the 2017 World Championship!

Stay tuned for more from YCS Guadalajara!