YCS Guadalajara: Wrap-Up!

September 29th, 2019

It’s been a busy and exciting weekend in Guadalajara, Jalisco!  We started with 788 Duelists looking to become a YCS Champion, and we found one in Ramiro Garcia!  He took Danger! Lunalight Orcust – a Deck that has been rising in popularity since YCS Portland some weeks ago – to a win here in Mexico.

The weekend also saw some impressive Feature Match showings from Latin America’s most popular Duelists!   Erick Laurentino Ramirez Rodriguez, a former Mexican National Champion brought Magical Musketeer to the YCS and showed that the strategy can still stand up to current competitive options, while Erick Villanueva Priego and Andres David Torres Reyes brought their A-game to the tournament and made it to Day 2 or into the playoffs!

The Top 32 showed us that Orcust across all variants is still a popular choice, with the Danger! Lunalight Orcust Deck tying with Sky Striker as the most popular Deck in the Top 32 with 7 each.  It will be interesting to see how competition adapts to this new information as we head into YCS Ft. Worth next weekend.

And if you ever want to see Decks you probably didn’t consider, the Dragon Duel Championship Playoff is where you want to look.  Prank-Kids vs. Insect Orcust?!  It was unique and fun match that saw Jose Santiago Blanco Godina take the win with Insect Orcust.

We’ll see you all next weekend for YCS Ft. Worth!