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YCS Niagara Falls: Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

September 22nd, 2019

And after 10 rounds of Swiss, we have our Top 32!  Here’s who topped and what they brought to the tournament.

1) Austin Wesley Colling (Danger! Cyber Dragon Orcust)

2) Clifton Scott Land II (Lunalight Orcust)

3) Carl Edouard Manigat (Orcust)

4) Caulin David Bradshaw (Cyber Dragon Orcust)

5) Benjamin Michael Wyman (Salamangreat)

6) Shawn Rai (Orcust)

7) Ramiro Garcia (Danger! Lunalight)

8) Michael Dashon Kirksey (Altergeist)

9) David G. Mendoza (Danger! Gren Maju)

10) John Alexander Wilkin (Sky Striker)

11) Pascal Manigat (Orcust)

12) Thomas John Williams (Sky Striker)

13) Yacine Sahli (Cyber Dragon)

14) Dominic Eduardo Couch (Sky Striker)

15) Hani Yasser Jawhari (Danger! Orcust)

16) Blair Alexander Hunter (Danger! Cyber Dragon Orcust)

17) Benjamin Oon (Sky Striker)

18) Cameron Michael Chin (Gren Maju)

19) Kyle Derek Botelho (Salamangreat)

20) Samuel Deng (Sky Striker)

21) Philip Joseph-Michael Rolo (Subterror)

22) Kevin Semlali (Danger! Lunalight Orcust)

23) Paulo Roberto Goncalves da Silva (Danger! Orcust)

24) Luis Christia Villalpando Chavez (Sky Striker)

25) Kareem Nabeel El-Hindawi (Sky Striker)

26) Cristian Rafael Urena (Cyber Dragon Orcust)

27) Jesse Dean Kotton (Salamangreat)

28) Anandeth Sinhradsvong (Salamangreat)

29) Tuan Anh Phan (Danger! Crusadia Orcust)

30) Gregory Stephen Pandolfi (Orcust)

31) Matthew Marco Mileto (Altergeist)

32) Hyuk D. Chang (Thunder Dragon)

The Deck Breakdown is as follows:

7 Sky Striker
4 Orcust
4 Salamangreat
2 Altergeist
2 Cyber Dragon Orcust
2 Danger! Orcust
1 Cyber Dragon
1 Danger! Crusadia Orcust
2 Danger! Cyber Dragon Orcust
1 Danger! Gren Maju
1 Danger! Lunalight Orcust
1 Danger! Lunalight
1 Subterror
1 Thunder Dragon

While Sky Striker remains the most popular among these categories, Orcust appears in 12 of the Top 32 Decks.  While the field contains similar strategies, the amount of customization that each Deck can have leads to a variety all its own.

Stay tuned for more from YCS Niagara Falls!