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YCS Niagara Falls: Top Tables Update Round 8

September 21st, 2019

Day 1 is drawing to a close, and we have one last look at the Top Tables as we enter Round 8!  Here’s who’s playing what in the Top 10 seatings…

Table 1) Michael Dashon Kirksey (Altergeists) vs. Austin Westley Colling (Danger Orcust Cyber Dragons)

Table 2) Christian Georges (Orcusts) vs. Dion Jarell Green (True Dracos)

Table 3) Pascal Manigat (Orcusts) vs. Hyuk. Chang (Thunder Dragons)

Table 4) Gregory Stephen Pandolfi () vs. Charles Lee Easton (Danger Salamangreats)

Table 5) Cameron Michael Chin (Gren Maju) vs. Ittipat Arunnaveesiri (Cyber Dragons)

Table 6) Yacine Sahli (Cyber Dragons) vs. Samuel Deng (Danger Orcust Crusadias)

Table 7) Carl Manigat (Orcusts) vs. Rodrigo Manuel Lopez Gonzalez (Sky Strikers)

Table 8) Chuong Nguyen (Danger Orcust Lunalights) vs. Bryant. Tran (Subterrors)

Table 9) Dominic Couch (Sky Strikers) vs. Benjamin Wyman (Salamangreats)

Table 10) Nicholas Racioppi (Cyber Dragons) vs. Caulin David Bradshaw (Orcust Cyber Dragons)

Check back soon to see who won their matches in Round 8, when we post the final Standings for Day 1!