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YCS Ft. Worth – Duelists to Watch!

October 5th, 2019

There are lots of talented Duelists here in the convention center this weekend, and any one of the 1341 competitors may win this weekend. Take a look at some of the most accomplished Duelists competing this weekend, and track their progress throughout the tournament!

Vladis Baranovskis came here from Ireland to compete this weekend with his Lunalight Orcust Deck. Baranovskis is no stranger to the top tables of large tournaments – he made it to the Top 64 at the 2019 European Championships, made it to the Top 32 in YCS Milan in 2018, and also made the Top Cut in YCS London in 2018. Now he’s looking for his first YCS win!

Ed Acepcion from Las Vegas, Nevada took 3rd place in the YCS Atlanta 3 vs. 3 tourament (with some help from his teammates) and made the Top 8 in YCS Chicago earlier this year. He also made the Top Cut in several YCS events last year. Acepcion boasts that he made the Top Cut in every YCS Ft. Worth that he has ever competed in, and this weekend, he’s hoping to keep up the streak.

Blair Hunter from Warner Robins, Georgia made the Top Cut at YCS Pasadena in 2018. More recently, he made it to the Top 32 in Niagara Falls, Canada just 2 weekends ago. He has also been taking recent victories in his local Regional Qualifier events, and is looking to expand on his momentum by gaining a YCS victory this weekend!

Cristian Urena from Reading, Pennsylvania made the Top Cut in both YCS events over the last 2 weekends, with a Top 8 finish in Niagara Falls and a Top 16 finish in Guadalajara, Mexico. He also has recent Regional Qualifier accomplishments and several other YCS Top Cut finishes, including a top at the 3 vs. 3 YCS in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this year. Urena’s success in the YCS events over the past two weekends is a strong indicator that he will do well again this weekend.

Manav Dawar from Seattle Washington made the Top 32 in YCS Guadalajara last weekend, and is a YCS Champion, having won the 200th YCS in Columbus, Ohio last year. Dawar also competed in the 2019 World Championship in Berlin, Germany after reaching the Top 4 in the 2019 North America WCQ with his Sky Striker Deck. Dawar has several other YCS top finishes as well, and is looking to add another YCS victory to his list of achievements this weekend.

There are lots of strong players competing this weekend, including VIP Duelists who haven’t even begun Dueling yet! Follow the coverage to see which Duelists make it the furthest, and see whether the “Duelists to Watch” reach the Top Cut!