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QQ: Which Card Are You Most Looking Forward to in Chaos Impact?

October 6th, 2019

QQQ stands for Quick Questions! The upcoming Chaos Impact booster set releases on October 25th, 2019, and it has lots of powerful cards that support old themes, as well as new tech cards that are likely to shake up competitive Dueling. I surveyed this weekend’s attendees to see which cards from Chaos Impact they’re most looking forward to getting. Check out their responses!

Marco Fragoso

Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix. I think it’s going to revamp the power of Salamangreat after it was hit by the Forbidden & Limited List.” -Marco Fragoso

Houston Carter

Starliege Seyfert. That card is absurd!”-Houston Carter

Scott Page

Starliege Seyfert. My Dragon Link Deck is lacking power at the moment, and this will really boost my chances of finally topping a YCS!” -Scott Page

Donnell Washington

Firewall Dragon Darkfluid. It’s EVERYTHING Salamangreat needed!” -Donnell Washington

Noah Terry

“Definitely Striker Dragon. Dragons have always been my favorite archetype, so anything that ups the consistency of the Deck is really cool. I’m really looking forward to it.” -Noah Terry

“Whatever the most expensive Prismatic will be!” -Ned Salkovitch

Matt Budniewski

Test Panther all day. I’m a Glad Beast god and I’ve been waiting for support forever! Now that we’re getting some, I’m coming back in the game!” -Matt Budniewski

Jonathan Velazquez

Starliege Seyfert. There’s actually a lot of cards I’m looking forward to though, and I’m planning on buying a few boxes.” -Jonathan Velazquez

Jack Reed

Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix. Salamangreats needed a Link 4 to finish the Deck.” -Jack Reed

There are lots of cool cards coming in Chaos Impact. You can get them all in just a few weeks!