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YCS Ft. Worth: Pro-Talk with Esala Wathuthantrige

October 6th, 2019

Esala Wathuthantrige from Los Angeles, California was the first place Duelist in the United States for Worlds Qualifier Points in 2017, earning him an invitation to that year’s World Championship. That’s no easy feat – a Duelist with that achievement must consistently rank well in high-level events to accomplish that. Wathuthantrige also took second place in YCS Ecuador this year, and made it to the Finals of YCS Atlanta, which was the first-ever Team YCS. Although Wathuthantrige won his Match in the Finals in Atlanta, his teammates both lost, unfortunately costing him a YCS victory. Wathuthantrige also has 2 UDS Invitational Top 4 finishes and 2 YCS Top 4 finishes over the past few years. I asked him what the key is to his success.

Esala Wathuthantrige was the top-ranked Duelist for Worlds Qualifier Points in 2017

“I think it all comes from a true understanding of how the game works. As long as you understand how the game functions at its core, you can take a break, and then come back and adjust to the format just by reading cards.”

Deck selection is also tough for many Duelists. I asked Esala Wathuthantrige how he decides which Deck to use in a tournament.

“Often it’s based on looking at the format and seeing what is doing well, and adjusting for what is expected. You pick the Deck capable of dealing with what you expect most, and also take into account variance – you want to use something well-rounded that works against all Decks.”

Esala Wathuthantrige also has some solid advice for new players.

“Spend a lot of your time with people who are better than you. You don’t learn from winning. You learn by losing and seeing what you did wrong. As you play with them, you’ll slowly catch up to their skill level.”

All of the best Duelists know that losing is an important part of Dueling, and often provides the best opportunities to learn a lesson and improve. Esala Wathuthantrige understands that, and that’s part of what makes him an extraordinary Duelist.