QQ: Forbidden No More?

November 24th, 2019

QQ stands for Quick Questions! If you could bring back just one Forbidden card, what would you pick? We asked some of our YCS Pasadena Duelists!

Roberto Aranda

Roberto Aranda took some time to think of a good answer… “Sixth Sense!”

Bryan Uldave

Bryan Uldave wanted Graceful Charity!

Cristian Ramirez

Level Eater, specifically for Infernoids,” said Cristian Ramirez

Christopher Murillo

Christopher Murillo thought a moment. “What is even Forbidden, hm… Summon Sorceress. No, no, no! Fairy Tail – Snow! I want my Snow back!”

Ulises Aispuro

Ulises Aispuro had no hesitation. “Spellbook of Judgment!”

All great answers! The Forbidden List is home to some of the most powerful cards in Dueling, with strong cards for any style of play. Some, like Graceful Charity, are amazing in any Deck. Others, like Spellbook of Judgment, take a certain strategy and push it into overdrive. It’s always fun to see what type of card people like most.

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