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QQ: Which Deck Are You Playing This Weekend?

November 23rd, 2019

QQ stands for Quick Questions! It’s North America’s first YCS under the current Forbidden & Limited List, so selecting a Deck to use this weekend wasn’t easy for many Duelists. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance to see which Deck they chose to use this weekend and why they selected that Deck. Check out their responses!

Jose Galvan

“Orcust. I feel like it’s the most combo-oriented and consistent Deck right now.” -Jose Galvan

Jonathan Sanchez

“Dino Shaddoll. It gets around Nibiru, the Primal Being and Super Polymerization, and it wins quickly.” -Jonathan Sanchez

Ivan Oluic

“I’m playing Mystic Mine Exodia. I’m playing that Deck because Exodia is my favorite monster and Mystic Mine happens to be the best way to play Exodia in 2019. There’s nothing better than obliterating your opponent!” -Ivan Oluic

Julio E. Neris

“Subterror. I like the theme of Flip Effects and monsters going back face-down. Plus The Hidden City is a cool card.” -Julio E. Neris

Hector Arano

“Infernoid. I feel like it’s really strong going second and breaks boards easily with Lair of Darkness.” -Hector Arano

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