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QQ: Which Deck Will Win This Weekend?

November 24th, 2019

QQ stands for Quick Questions! I surveyed this weekend’s competitors to see which Deck they think will triumph here at YCS Pasadena. Check out their answers!

Sam Shaner thinks Sky Strikers will win.

“A Sky Striker variant. Engage is powerful.” -Sam Shaner

Rodolfo Jimenez expects an Orcust Deck to win.

“Orcust. It’s the highest represented Deck in the format right now, and Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star is too strong!” -Rodolfo Jimenez

Mason Mattila thinks his friend will win.

“True Draco Sky Striker. My friend Brian is playing it and he’s really good.” -Mason Mattila

Demonte Outlaw expects success from Sky Strikers.

“Sky Striker. The Card of Demise variant has a good matchup against pretty much everything.” -Demonte Outlaw

Alejandro Sanjiao thinks Orcust Decks thrive when Duels drag on.

“Orcust. It’s the most versatile Deck and it has a great rebound in the grind game.” -Alejandro Sanjiao

Jarred Randolph likes the power of True King of All Calamities.

“True King Dinosaur. True King of All Calamities is really strong.” -Jarred Randolph

James McGivney says Sky Striker Orcust Decks use lots of great cards.

“Sky Striker Orcust. Not only does it have I:P Masquerena, but it also has Shark Cannon and other disruption. And Engage is such a strong card.” -James McGivney

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