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Welcome to YCS Pasadena, California!

November 23rd, 2019

1578 Duelists have gathered in the Pasadena Convention Center for North America’s first YCS under the October 14th, 2019 Advanced Format Forbidden & Limited List. Duelists’ recent experiences at YCS Lima and Regional Qualifier events will shape the way they approach this weekend’s tournament and have helped them decide which strategies are the most effective. We’ll be bringing you written coverage throughout the event right here on Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME coverage blog, and you can follow the action LIVE on stream on YouTube, where there will be live Feature Matches and commentary throughout the weekend!

The release of the Mystic Fighters booster set just over 24 hours ago introduced brand new themes for Duelists to wield in this weekend’s tournament, including Mathmechs, Dragonmaids, and Generaiders. Cards from the Chaos Impact booster set, which were released in late October, will also make their first North America YCS debut this weekend, and are certain to have a big impact on the results of the event. You can follow the coverage this weekend to see how the cards from these recent sets affect the competition!

Pasadena Convention Center

The Duelists are shuffling up their Decks and about to draw their opening hands for the first Swiss Round of the tournament.

Round 1 is about to begin!

It’s almost time to Duel!