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YCS Pasadena – Duelists to Watch!

November 23rd, 2019

We have 1578 Duelists in the Main Event here at YCS Pasadena! That’s a lot of Duelists, but here’s a few to watch out for this weekend.

Raphael Neven

Hailing from the Netherlands, Raphael Neven is a multiple time YCS Champion. He took YCS Prague in 2017 and most recently won YCS Chicago in February this year. He’s a very consistent player, and always is expected to perform well no matter what event he’s attending.

Hani Jawhari

Hani Jawhari is here from Louisiana. He just became a Team YCS Champion in Lima, Peru, along with Cristian Urena and Arnold Nadaban. He’s also had numerous YCS top cut performances, including YCS Portland and the previous Team YCS in Atlanta. He’s always a strong contender at any event.

Cristian Urena

Another part of the YCS Lima Championship team, Cristian Urena is here from Pennsylvania. He’s also got multiple top cut placements including YCS Guadalajara, YCS Niagra Falls, and Team YCS Atlanta. It won’t be surprising if Urena makes it to the top cut at this event as well.

Yishan McNabb

Yishan McNabb, an Alameda, CA Duelist, is potentially one of the most dangerous Duelists here at YCS Pasadena. He’s one of the pioneers of the newly popular Gren Maju Da Eiza strategy, and came in 2nd place at YCS Portland. McNabb’s playing a new build of the Deck today, looking to smash his opponents out of nowhere with an insane amount of ATK.

There are too many heavy hitters to cover everyone, but now you have a glimpse at some of the competition!