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YCS Pasadena: Event Wrap-Up

November 24th, 2019

Two intense days of Dueling have come to an end and we have a new YCS Champion! Kobe Short took the tournament with his Sky Striker Orcust Deck!

Kobe Short is the champion of YCS Pasadena!

The previous Advanced Format boiled down to a raging battle between Sky Striker and Orcust Decks at the highest level of competitive Dueling. With both Decks slightly weakened by the October 14th Forbidden & Limited List, many Duelists combined their forces for this weekend’s event. Short achieved the most success with it.

This weekend’s tournament was huge, with over 1500 Duelists competing. Mystic Fighters was just released a few days ago and was legal for competition, and Chaos Impact continued to affect the way Duelists built Decks and competed.

Top Duelists will gather next in North America for the Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational in Tulsa, OK from February 14th through 16th, but for now, congratulations to the newest YCS Champion – Kobe Short!