YCS Pasadena First-Timers!

November 23rd, 2019

A YCS is an event for all types of players. We have some of the strongest Duelists in the world in attendance. However, every Duelist’s journey starts somewhere. Here are some first-time YCS attendees!

Tyler Inman is a Duelist here from Covina, CA. The first thing he noticed was that the event was really big. Way bigger than a Regional Qualifer. He felt like it was going to be super competitive, in particular because he was seeing a lot of famous Duelists he knew from watching YCS live streams. Here’s Tyler with Nurse Dragonmaid, which he’s playing with his Guardragon combo!

Tyler Inman

Next up is Ariel Rivera, here from Irvine, CA. He said he thought the event was very flashy and looked really nice. He most recently went to a Regional Qualifer and felt like the YCS was definitely an upgrade. Here he is with Lunalight Kaleido Chick, his favorite card from his Lunalight Deck!

Ariel Rivera

Also from Irvine, we have Aaron Catarroja. In fact, Aaron and Ariel are both here representing the Yu-Gi-Oh! club at University of California, Irvine! He also noted how big the event was, since he had only previously seen a YCS through live streams. Aaron is packing a Magical Musketeer Deck today, and here he is with Magical Musketeer Max!

Aaron Catarroja

Colby Ng is here, hailing from Oakdale, CA. The main thing he noticed was how many people were here at YCS Pasadena. While he’s in the Main Event, he’s also looking forward to entering Public Events later. He said he’s also hoping to meet up with some other friends from NorCal. Here’s Colby with Heavymetalfoes Electrumite, from his Pendulum Deck!

Colby Ng

Follow the coverage to see how our first-timers fare at YCS Pasadena!