YCS Pasadena Tech Update!

November 23rd, 2019

Here’s a look at some of the unique card choices we’re seeing here at YCS Pasadena!

Creeping Darkness

First released back in Order of Chaos in 2012, Creeping Darkness never really found its groove. Banishing two DARK monsters was just too strict a cost to justify searching for one monster. That sentiment has changed now, with Thunder Dragons rewarding you for banishing them! Duelists are using Creeping Darkness as a way to search for the Limited Black Dragon Collapserpent, while simultaneously getting multiple activations of their Thunder Dragondark or Thunder Dragonroar effects. If Collapserpent has already been used or is not needed, Creeping Darkness also searches for a lot of other useful cards like Armageddon Knight.

Forbidden Chalice

The ever popular Forbidden Chalice is popping up again. This card seems to come in and out of favor depending on the seasons. Right now it’s being played as an option to block powerful monster effects that would hinder you on your own turn, such as Abyss Dweller or Thunder Dragon Colossus. Chalice is particularly strong against Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess, negating its Quick Effect and leaving it with only 400 ATK!

Crackdown with I:P Masquerena

I:P Masquerena is one of the most talked about cards from Chaos Impact, offering a powerful effect on a Link 2 monster. We’re now seeing some Duelists using I:P Masquerena alongside Crackdown, offering a way to Link Summon during your opponent’s turn while permanently removing one of their monsters from the field. This kind of tech choice is very strong because even if you don’t have Crackdown, I:P Masquerena will still be a useful card, and vice-versa. Since half of the combo is in the Extra Deck, it’s easier to assemble when you need it.