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YCS Pasadena: Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

November 24th, 2019

Check out which Decks made it to the Top 32!

The Top 32 consists of these Decks:

7 Orcust Decks
6 Sky Striker Orcust Decks
2 Lunalight Orcust Danger Decks
1 Cyber Dragon Orcust Deck

5 Sky Striker Decks
1 Sky Striker True Draco Deck

4 Salamangreat Decks
2 Pendulum Magician Decks
2 Thunder Dragon Danger Decks
1 Altergeist Deck
1 True King Dinosaur Deck

You can see which Duelists are wielding these Decks and who they’re facing off against in the Top 32 here!

Exactly half of the Top 32 Decks are Orcust Decks, but they come in 4 different varieties: dedicated Orcust, Sky Striker Orcust, Lunalight Orcust, and Cyber Dragon Orcust. The purer Orcust Decks are the most popular of the four with 7 representatives using them, but Sky Striker Orcust Decks aren’t far behind with 6 Duelists using them.

Sky Strikers are still popular despite the recent hit to the Deck in the form of a Limitation on Sky Striker Mecha – Widow Anchor, likely due to the power of cards like Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! and other Sky Striker Spell Cards that are still available for Duelists to use. The hit to Sky Strikers inspired some Duelists to mix them with Orcust cards that helped fill a void left by the October 14th Forbidden & Limited List, but 5 Duelists made it into the Top 32 using a Sky Striker Deck that wasn’t assisted by another theme.

Salamangreat, Pendulum Magician, and Thunder Dragon Danger Decks also entered the Top 32, while a lone Altergeist Duelist and a single True King Dinosaur Duelist also made it in.

You can watch some of these Decks Duel on the live stream. Follow the coverage to see which Decks make it into the Top 16 and beyond!