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YCS Pasadena: Top 32 Tech Update

November 24th, 2019

Here are some of the tech choices we’re seeing in the Top 32!

Into the Void

A card that replaces itself is always worth looking at. Duelists have been using Upstart Goblin since its release all the way back in 2002’s Spell Ruler. Upstart is Limited due to just how strong it can be. Into the Void is a similar card, allowing players to draw through their Decks faster and quickly fill their Graveyards with Spell Cards in a Sky Striker Deck.

Into the Void will make you lose your whole hand at the end of the turn, of course. As such, Duelists using Into the Void are playing fewer monsters to avoid having them stuck in the hand and get discarded. That includes monsters like Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. On the other hand, Into the Void can actually be used to discard cards on purpose, such as Orcust monsters.

Skull Meister

Skull Meister is one monster that we don’t see often, but it’s a very strong one. The ability to flat out negate any activated effect in the Graveyard shuts down any Orcusts, Thunder Dragons, Burning Abyss, and more. Skull Meister also has 1700 ATK, making it a real threat on the field.

Summon Limit and There Can Be Only One

These cards aren’t exactly new techs, but they used to tend towards being in the Side Deck. Today we have multiple Duelists using Summon Limit or There Can Be Only One (or both!) in their Sky Striker Main Decks. The Continuous Traps don’t hinder the Duelists using them, but shut down basically every other major Deck.

Look for these cards in action on the live stream here!