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YCS Pasadena Top Tables Update: Round 11

November 24th, 2019

Check out which Duelists and Decks are at the top 10 tables in the final Swiss Round of YCS Pasadena!

Table 1: Fortino Cabrales (Sky Striker) vs. Walter Jule (Salamangreat)
Table 2: Jarred Randolph (Dinosaur) vs. Jeremy Mitchell (Pendulum Magician)
Table 3: Joseph Bogli (Sky Striker) vs. Noah Beygelman (Pendulum Magician)
Table 4: Dakota Angeloff (Sky Striker True Draco) vs. Erick Gomez (Sky Striker)
Table 5: Junior Dorcin (Sky Striker) vs. Daniel Ramirez Medina (Salamangreat)
Table 6: Carl Manigat (Sky Striker) vs. Brian Kalina (Sky Striker True Draco)
Table 7: Isaiah Joseph (Sky Striker) vs. Marcel Burri (Orcust)
Table 8: Alexander Juneja (Orcust) vs. Ryan Levine (Orcust)
Table 9: Abrahim Selim (Orcust) vs. Kyle Crofoot (Salamangreat)
Table 10: Steven Gongora (Thunder Dragon) vs. Denis Nadas (Orcust)

Follow the coverage for a Top 32 Deck Breakdown that we’ll bring you as soon as the Top 32 is paired!