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QQ: Are You and Your Teammates Playing the Same Deck?

February 22nd, 2020

QQ stands for Quick Questions! In most Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series events, Duelists must choose one Deck to carry them through the tournament. But this weekend, teams of Duelists needed to choose three Decks – one for each team member. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see if they coordinated with their teammates to play the same Deck, or if they chose to use different Decks than their teammates. Check out their responses!

Christopher Kelly

“No, we’re playing different Decks. I feel like we have to have a variety of different Decks for the meta right now because there’s such a broad variety of Decks. You want to have three different types of Decks to balance out your team.” -Christopher Kelly

Zachary Leverett

“We’re all playing Invoked, but two of us are playing Invoked Shaddoll, and the third is playing Invoked Mekk-Knight Trickstar. We didn’t coordinate our Decks at all.” -Zachary Leverett

Sage Golan

“We are not. We thought it would be more fun to mix it up a little. We didn’t want to stick to the same thing, because if people knew how to counter the Deck at the event, we’d all be countered at the same time.” -Sage Golan

Zach Butler

“No, we chose to play a variety of strategies. That way, there was no singular way to beat all of our Decks at once. It also gives us the most variance in matchups so that if one of us has a bad matchup, the other two may not.” -Zach Butler

Duelists seem to believe that diversifying the types of Decks used on the team helps to optimize chances of success. Will this strategy pay off? Follow the coverage to find out!