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QQ: What’s Your Tech Card?

February 22nd, 2020

QQ stands for Quick Questions! We hit the floor and asked some of our Vegas Duelists about their personal tech cards.

Sam Shaner

From Peoria, AZ, on Team Sam Shaner, we have… Sam Shaner! What’s his tech card? “Forbidden Chalice! It’s a pretty easy way to out Winda,” he said, adding that it’s very reactive and helps break boards. He also liked that it could occasionally give ATK. He also felt like Chalice was better than Infinite Impermanence, because Impermanence requires you to play it at the start of the turn if you’re using it from your hand, or Set it and wait a turn. Chalice can be played from the hand at any point.

Juan Fernandez

Originally from the Dominican Republic, but now living in Orlando, FL, we have Team Orlando Spice’s Juan Fernandez. His tech card is also Forbidden Chalice! He also liked that it was an out to El Shaddoll Winda. He liked that you can start making plays, and your opponent will think they’ve got you by using El Shaddoll Fusion to play Winda and shut you down. Then you play Chalice on the Winda to continue your turn and blow them out. He also noted that it handles Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess. And at worst, you can always just Set it if you don’t need it yet.

Jordan Carpenter

Jordan Carpenter, of Team OJ’s Juice, is here from Indianapolis, IL. His tech card is one rarely seen: Heat Wave! He’s playing it in the Side Deck of his SPYRAL Deck. The strategy is to side it in against combo Decks such as SPYRAL, Dinosaurs, Pendulums, or Thunder Dragons. No Decks have a way to respond to it on turn 1, so he’ll play it and perhaps Set a SPYRAL Super Agent or SPYRAL Tough. His opponent will have no options, and at worst will Set a card of their own. Now he’s free to combo off and attack to wipe out his opponent’s Life Points. Without Heat Wave he could try to combo and establish a field, but wouldn’t be able to attack. He also pointed out that most opponents will be siding in cards to help break a usual turn 1 SPYRAL field, so by playing Heat Wave and passing, he’s also leaving his opponent with useless cards on that first crucial turn. Carpenter himself is playing options like Called by the Grave and Instant Fusion (for Millennium-Eyes Restrict) to shut down monsters with effects that activate in the hand like D.D. Crow, leaving him safe from just about anything. He’s currently 6-0, so his strategy seems to be working!

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